Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Presents, Glorious Presents!

Fall leading into Christmas is a busy time for holidays in our family.  My sister's birthday is in September, Jonathan's birthday is in October, our niece & nephew's birthdays are in October, our anniversary is in November, my half brother's birthday is in December, and then there's Christmas, where we buy presents for about 11 family members (not including each other).  It's quite a lot.  So much, that usually when the month of December rolls around, I get really stressed.  So stressed that I can throw the following ideas out the window: sending Christmas cards; buying thoughtful presents; not paying for expedited shipping; not gaining five pounds through emotional eating.

So even though I attempt this every year, this year is going to be the year.  I'm going to start planning and shopping now for all these things.

The catch 22 of the whole thing is that I really like giving gifts.  I like sitting down and thoughtfully imagining the perfect present, and then giving it and seeing how happy the receiver is.  I just don't usually do that because I don't do it soon enough.  Or I get so caught up in trying to think of the perfect present that instead the person ends up with a last-minute giftcard.  So - no more!

I'm hoping to be methodical and budget a certain amount each month to buying presents.  For example, I always get my half brother & sister giftcards for Christmas and birthdays (not to be lame, but they're teenagers and probably appreciate being able to buy something and not spend their own money).  So those will probably be my early purchases this month since there isn't much thought required.

I've started a list in a little notebook I carry in my purse, so at any moment, if the perfect idea presents itself, I can jot it down.

Do you guys do this?  If not, do you also get super stressed in December?


Jonathan said...

hmmm... little notebook? in the purse? No need to look under the bed or in the closet then.

LB said...

Oooh, great idea about the notepad! I have a running list on my computer of good gift ideas for certain people. You will definitely succeed this year!

Claire said...

I don't really let "the holidays" (Thanksgiving to New Year's) stress me out. It's absolutely my favorite time of year (love the hustle and bustle) and I just try to enjoy it while it lasts. I'm never one to groan when I see a holiday TV commercial at the end of September.