Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I got home from work last night and put the mail in our appointed "mail dish" in the living room.  I stopped for a second to look around at all the pictures of our family that adorn different areas of the room.  One picture sitting next to the mail dish is of Jonathan's sister and her husband holding their baby son.

They actually have two sons and a daughter.  But I couldn't tell which one is pictured - because the boys are now 7 and 9 years old.  Meaning, the picture is at least 7 years old - but potentially older.

Now, I've always imagined that my house will have a lot of pictures in it.  My parent's house growing up always did.  And ours does, to a certain extent.  But our house isn't that big.  So I feel like there's a certain level of appropriateness for framed family pics.  Our mantel in the living room has about 8 frames; and I can definitely tell you, from a decorating point of view, it isn't the most attractive option - but I wanted to have all the pictures displayed, so I let decorating have the back burner.  Also, we're lucky to have a fair amount of art that adorns our walls - so for the most part, we don't have any non-art pictures hanging on the walls (except in the hallway), they're all in frames.

Well, in thinking about a 9-room house, there aren't that many options, really, for placing pictures.  And so my question is this: how do you choose what pictures to have up, and when do you replace them?

In reference to the 7-9 year old picture next to our mail dish - what do we do with that?  There's a limited amount of frame space.  It's a cute picture, but it's extremely outdated.  Do we take it down and replace it with a newer one?  Or do we wait until we have a bigger house to display more pictures?

At what point do displayed pictures become obsolete, if ever?  Regardless of time, the picture next to our mail dish will always be cute, it's just not the most current one we could have up.

What do you guys do about this?  Anything?  Do you do a yearly Spring cleaning of frames and take out the old to replace with the new?


Tippy said...

Funny you should mention this. I have a massive 2 story wall for my staircase/hallway. I intermingle framed photos and various artwork, but of course the space is massive and provides a "gallery" type space. I just read this blog yesterday, and she had a post about a new book on this very topic.

Maybe this will give you some ideas.

LB said...

I usually rotate my pictures every year or two. It's sort of an undertaking, thus why we have no photos up on our walls yet. But I like having things updated. Also, you could keep that picture of Ellen and just move it to a different frame or different spot, just to keep it from being stagnant.