Monday, October 11, 2010

On Baking

Something about Fall makes me want to bake.  I want to slip into my apron, pull out the Kitchenaid, and go to town.  I want to bake apple treats and sweets with pumpkin.
But as we were watching cooking shows yesterday morning, and the beautiful celebrity chefs were baking awesome super fattening treats, I thought about how baking doesn't really fit into our lifestyle.

One, it's really hard to bake for a home of two people.  Especially a home of two people who like to lead relatively healthy lives.  Even lower fat recipes aren't, really.  And a lot of times, lower fat doesn't taste 100% great.

Two, some things (pies, cakes, tarts - really anything that isn't portioned in a smaller size) are hard to share with other people.  It's easy enough to make a batch of cookies or cupcakes and bring half of the treats into the office.  But it's less easy to do that with a fruit pie, you know?

Three, I lack willpower in a major way.  It begins while I'm actually doing the baking (ie, I eat the equivalent of about 3-4 servings worth of batter).  And then after they're actually baked?  Even though it's easy to bring half a batch of cookies to work - it's also awesome easy to eat them myself.

And so even though Fall beckons me to pull out the sugar and flour, I try to resist the temptation as much as I can.  Although yesterday I did make some banana/oat/craisin muffins that are pretty awes (as shown in the picture).

Do you guys ever get the itch to bake?  If so, how do you avoid becoming 100 lbs overweight in the process?


Tippy said...

I only bake for charity or people's parties. For example, I LOVE scones and as an American actually rock at baking them (get compliments from my English colleagues). I therefore decided only to bake them for my office to raise money for charity. People make a donation (including me) and well....I'm cheap. It makes me stop at one. RESULT! Baking itch sorted, size ?? jeans still fit. Then the next time I bake I feel good for helping the less fortunate with my baking skills.

LB said...

Ummmm I'm making an apple pie today. Happy holidays!

You could try to only bake when you know you're going to have people over - then you'll most likely get 1-2 pieces as leftovers but hopefully the rest will get eaten by others!

Anonymous said...

Living alone, I have a group of friends who are always willing to take leftover baked goods. I also bought some smaller pans (the kind they sell to make the tiny top layer of wedding cakes) to bake banana bread and whatnot. They freeze well, so instead of giant loaf, I make a bunch of tiny ones and then hand them out/ freeze for later/ etc. Better than keeping 900 slices of it around for me to scarf down.

PS- Too cute with the apron!