Thursday, October 21, 2010

Needed: LBD

We went to the wedding of one of my co-workers last Saturday night.  (Yes, it was Jonathan's birthday - and yes, I think the cool presents he got and/or the fact that we left the reception early to see a Guns N Roses cover band at Hi-Tone made up for the obligation we had to attend the wedding.)

So we were getting ready and I was perusing my closet for something to wear.  But I found myself in a sort of interesting position in terms of what to wear: I just wanted to blend in. 

In the past, I've been known to shop specifically for a given event (say, a wedding), buying a new, awesome dress - maybe even getting some shoes, as well.  But I've not really done that in quite some time, such that my dress options were minimal.  (A couple dresses were slightly too big [& should be taken in], and one was too small [I should lose five pounds.])  But really, at this wedding of my coworker - where the only people in attendance I knew were other coworkers - I didn't want to be in a really awesome dress.  I wanted something nice, elegant, and not too revealing.  Which made me realize I'm lacking something in my wardrobe that no woman should lack: a Little Black Dress (LBD).

I have one black dress (a long-sleeved wrap) that is one of the most brilliant purchases I've ever made.  I've had it for ~5 years, it's still in style, it can be machine washed, and I've worn it to countless events.  It's not quite 7 o'clock wedding material, though.  But the fact that this classic dress has been worn so many times makes me think that if I buy a dressier LBD, I could also get quite a few wears out of it.

Yesterday I poked around on looking at their black dresses, and as you might imagine, it was a little overwhelming.  There were hundreds!  Tons of different styles and fabrics and lengths.

I have a general idea of what looks best on me (v-neck, really fitted at the upper waist, not too much of a flare, and a thick fabric [not chiffon]).  But then there were also some really cute dresses that don't fit that description - lots with a sort of vintage feel, lots of shifts, some high necks.  What to do?

So do you guys have one go-to, little black dress?  How did you choose it?


LB said...

I don't have a go-to dress thus I probably shouldn't be commenting, but if I were you, I'd get the most basic flattering cut you can, with the intention of adding a trendy shrug, wrap, whatever to disguise it between events :) If you get something like a high-neck, you're probably less likely to wear it a million times because it stands out more.

Sarah said...

I have multiple work LBD's and they look similar hanging in my closet, but I wear them all and get a lot of use out of all of them. I was recently thinking the same thing, that I need an evening LBD. I would likely go to Nordstrom and try on 50 before making a decision, on something I see as a classic piece I like to know I made the right decision. Ha.