Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Love of News

I've mentioned my love of "soft news" before on the blog.  But I think in general, I could say that I love all news.  I love the Today Show in the mornings.  And I love to read cnn.com or msn.com during the day.  Or if I have extra time during the day, the NY Times (online) or WSJ (hard copies distributed in our office) for some wordy, borderline-soft news articles.  (Not to mention the iPhone apps for all of these news sources, which are awesome.)

When I'm on the treadmill after work, I love to tune in to Katie Couric doing the CBS nightly news.  I also get the New Yorker every week (which I'm much less diligent about reading - but I usually get to 1-2 articles per issue).

BUT - hands down - my ultimate favorite source of news (soft & hard) is NPR.  I can't get enough!

It's weird because I used to love listening to music in the car; I mean, really love to listen & sing along to music - you would never hear talk radio in my car.  But once I got into NPR, I realized the value of having this awesome news source always on the radio.  Also, I realized how much time flies when you're in the car listening to an interesting show instead of music.

I think the thing non-listeners might not realize about NPR is that while it definitely covers the "real" news every hour, it also has its fair share of random, interesting, soft-news stories.  And while the weekend programming might seem sort of lame if you've never actually tuned in, when you do, you'll find that some of the shows are interesting and funny and entertaining.

And oh my goodness - the iPhone app is unbeatable.  Basically you can tune in to any NPR station in the country (the normal version or the HD version), at any time, for zero cost.  I don't even think the app cost anything (or if it did, it was less than $5 [since that's my price limit]).  I use it if I walk or run outside (because sort of like driving, I think listening to interesting talk makes the walk/run go faster than just listening to music).  And I've started this new thing where I'll drive to work listening in the car, then I'll hook up to my phone, put in some headphones, and listen on my walk up to the office.  It's perfect because the "real" news starts at the top of the hour - so that usually switches on while I'm walking into the office (assuming I get to the parking lot around 7:55am), and otherwise I wouldn't get to hear it.

I had a friend in high school who listened to NPR as she drove to school every morning.  At the time, I thought she was lame & boring for doing that (and really missing out on some awesome music time).  Now I realize she was just 5-10 years ahead of her time.  Fail: Jackie.

Are you guys big fans of the news as well?  What's your favorite news source?


Jonathan said...

I get all my news from TMZ and Fox.

katie said...

i agree 100% with this post. LOVE news, and especially love all things NPR. i even enjoy listening to car talk. i think my favorite, though, is this american life.

Sarah said...

I'm intrigued by this post. I love the news, but don't really watch any television news and I was recently discussing how I think this makes me miss out on important news stories sometimes. The two news sources I devote the most time to are Newsweek and The Economist, and both are more into lengthy feature pieces than the most current topics. I don't spend much time at all in the car, but it appears I'm missing out with NPR. I make these types of changes very slowly, but I'll let you know.

Claire said...

I started consistently tuning in to Morning Edition my first year out of college and haven't stopped since. When not underground, I stream it on my Nano. One of my favorite things. I also quite enjoy the NewsHour whenever I can (yay public broadcasting!). Both were among the main sources of news in my household growing up, so I feel I have some sort of obligation to stick with them.