Monday, October 18, 2010


Traditionally, I've not been one who dutifully follows popular tv dramas.  I never saw an episode of 24.  I didn't really watch Lost (that is, I "watched" it while Jonathan had it on the tv, but even though I probably saw 2 full seasons, I didn't know exactly what was going on [I had a vague idea since it'd been explained to me - but I was never dying to see the next episode]).

We started to watch Flash Forward last year.  I was on board.  But then it got to be a little too creepy/scary for me, so we gave it up.  Similarly, we were into Dollhouse initially (a short-lived Joss Whedon show on Fox); but that, too, got a little scary for my taste, so we stopped watching just a couple episodes before it got cancelled.

The weird thing about it, though, is that: 1) I definitely have a personality that would be into watching a highly-anticipated show every week; and 2) I really like thriller/action movies.  However, I get creeped out pretty easily - so thrillers walk the delicate line of "acceptable" and "too scary" for me.

But you guys - I have to say - I am really into The Event on NBC this year!  I highly recommend you watch the 3-4 episodes and try to catch up if you haven't seen any.  This show was touted as "the new Lost" or "the new 24," and I can see it possibly attracting the same cult-type following.  It has a sort of mysterious premise - and there seems to be some government involvement (possible corruption?).  It's fun.  And it's not too scary (yet, at least).

I'm really excited for tonight's episode!  Are any of you guys watching?


LB said...

Oh man. No offense, but I watched 2 episodes and couldn't watch anymore. I didn't think the actors were all that great, nor did I care about the characters / aliens / corruption. Did it get any better in episodes 3 and 4?

b|rad said...

It's entertaining. Is it the new 24? the new LOST? the new anything? No. But is it the best new show on television? Yes. Now that's not saying much considering the new shows this year have been mediocre, not worth writing about, and everyone is wondering where good scripts went. But for a Monday night, it gets two thumbs up from me! I'm watching every week!

katie said...

i just watched the first episode on on demand, and i really enjoyed it! i'm not really watching many shows these days, so i'm happy to add another. i'll let you know what i think as i keep watching, but i really liked the first episode! off to sleep for me now. it's past my bedtime. :)

Tippy said...

Clearly the UK is behind the times. They are hyping this show up big time, so I'm keen to watch it. And if you guys approve maybe it is worth a shot. :)