Friday, October 22, 2010

I'll Have a Beer, Please

I was in my friend Amanda's wedding a few years ago.  After her professional pictures arrived, she sent the link to her friends so we could see/buy them.  I then forwarded the link to my mom, who I knew would enjoy seeing all of us.  A couple days after, I got an email that said something like this:

"Cute pics!  Thanks for sending them.  Maybe going forward, you should ask the bartenders at weddings to pour your beer in a glass?"

I looked back through some of the reception pictures and immediately knew what she was talking about.  Seeing all of us in matching dresses holding bottles of Bud Light looked, I don't know, tacky?  Redneck?  Drunk?  Sloppy?  Everything just looked a little less nice/fancy than if we'd had, maybe, a glass of wine in hand.  Or a highball glass with a clear liquid.

So here's the thing.  I love wine - I really do.  I also love beer.  They're my "go-to" drinks.  Vodka/soda is my liquor go-to, but probably 75% of the time, I'm drinking wine or beer.

Now generally speaking, I'd say wine is the "classier" drink vs. beer.  No doubt if we'd all had glasses of sauvignon blanc when the pictures were taken at Amanda's wedding, we would've looked fancier than we did with bottles of Bud Light.  But usually at weddings (or really any fancy event, for that matter), I choose beer over a glass of wine.

1) I'm not a wine "snob" necessarily, but I guess I can comfortably say I recognize a nice glass of wine.  And usually at fancy events with catering, the wine is of lesser quality than what we'd have in, say, our house or if we were eating at an upscale restaurant.  It's not that I wouldn't ever want to drink a less expensive wine, but since I like beer a lot, too, I choose to only drink wine when I know it's something good.

2) I tend to drink fast, generally.  So if I'm drinking equally fast with a glass of wine or a beer, I'm much more able to control my drinking with beer. 

3) I find that wine has a nasty tendency to sneak up on you.  So you're going on your merry way enjoying a couple glasses and then BOOM you're drunk and you didn't even mean to be.  Beer makes itself known.  So as you're on your second beer, you start to feel its effects and can choose to continue or stop without ever getting to "the point of no return."

4) Red wine, which is my wine of choice, makes you sort of toasty.  So if it's summer and you're at a wedding, red wine is going to heat things up even more than they already are.

5) Wine will occasionally make me sleepy.  Beer never does.

At my own wedding, even though I only had about 1-2 drinks total, those 1-2 were beer poured into a glass.  (Although in retrospect, I should've skipped alcohol altogether and gone for Diet Coke/coffee/Red Bull - anything with caffeine.)

So what about you guys - what's your go-to?  Does it differ with the different events you attend -  fancy (wedding, work party, charity thing, etc.) vs. casual (house parties, happy hours, family gatherings, etc.)?


LB said...

Your comment about wine (being nicer at home) is funny because I have the opposite approach - I usually look forward to wine at sit-down dinners at weddings and stuff like that because I know that it's definitely going to be nicer than the box I'm drinking out of at home ;) (I would like to point out, however, that if I had more money and drank less wine, I would buy nicer bottles.)

Sarah said...

I completely agree with your comments about wine sneaking up on you and red wine warming things up. I would prefer to drink wine at nicer events but tend to find it gets me in trouble. I have trouble digesting beer these days so I tend to stick with flavored vodka and soda at weddings whenever possible.