Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday, Friday

I've been such a bad blogger this week.  As I've mentioned before, our Fall is really busy this year (basically we're busy every weekend until Nov. 12th), so I'm feeling a little out-of-body, if that makes sense.

We got back around 7pm last Sunday from Ohio.  Monday night I played tennis.  Tuesday night I had a haircut after work.  Last night I had a Junior League meeting at 7, followed by a trip to the grocery store to prepare for our houseguest this weekend (my sister).  It's just been a lot.

But - some interesting notes from the week.

1) My tennis game (which has laid dormant for ~4 years) was not as awful as I expected.  My backhand and serve were crap - but I was expecting the whole thing to be crap - so it was at least a little better than anticipated.

2) I've not mentioned the Junior League very much - but I'm really enjoying it.  In our first year, we're split into little "provisional" groups of about 8 people - and I'm really happy I was put in the group I'm in.  Everyone seems very cool and I hope the ones I don't know will become better friends as the year goes on.

3) Once again, the AWESOME Magic Eraser came to the rescue in my house.  If you guys have never used an M.E. - go out and buy one right now.  Now.  Go!  We have white tile on the floor in our shower.  I seriously thought it was damaged because it was this gross, dark grey color; and we would try tons of different cleaning products on it and different brushes, and nothing would happen to the color.  With my sister coming to town, I realized that a houseguest might not be able to overlook the tile as much as we do, so I got on my hands and knees to really explore the grey.  When I ran my fingernail across it, the muck came off and I could see the tile underneath.  So I grabbed some cleaner and a really abrasive brush, but that did nothing to get the muck off.

So really, just on a whim, I decided to try the Magic Eraser.  Now it really took some muscle - like, my whole body had to move with the ME while I scrubbed it - but tile by tile, about 40 minutes later, I was able to get the grey muck off!  It's incredible!  I'm serious you guys, really abrasive Brillo Pads did nothing for the tile.  They wouldn't even pick up a line of muck like my fingernail did.  But the Magic Eraser removed all the gross grey goop.

So, anyway, that's about all I've got.  I hope you guys have a good weekend.  We're off to a free concert tonight at the Shell.  Then a beer festival tomorrow during the day.  Hello carb explosion!


Sarah said...

Definitely going to try the Magic Eraser for my shower floor!

LB said...

Ooh what's the beer festival? Sounds fun!
p.s. It's supposed to be 80 degrees here this weekend! Crazy!

Claire said...

Marie swears by the ME!