Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Filings

1.  If anyone Since everyone is interested in the follow-up to my back situation from a couple weeks ago, I can report with certainty that the Nikes were to blame.  I'm both happy & sad; happy that my back isn't really messed up and/or that I've pinpointed the problem; sad that I bought those dumb shoes to begin with.

2. Along the same lines, since I bought some new Sauconys (my trusty brand I never should've left in the first place), I've been feeling really energized to run.  Also, our treadmill that's been broken for the past month is finally fixed & it's awesome!  There have been a few occasions when my intention was to just run for 30 minutes, and instead I've gone on to a 4 or 5 miler.  I love you, trusty treadmill.

3. There's this weird thing going on in my office.  It's been spotted by a couple of us.  So, you'll be walking down the hall to the breakroom/bathrooms.  There's no one around.  No one.  There appears to be no one in the bathrooms (no flushing or running water sounds).  The lights in the breakroom are off.  But if you walk in, this is the scene you find:

That's the faucet running full blast over the bottle of dish soap.  No one is around.  So, no one seems to be coming back to turn it off.  There's no indication how long it's been running.  Kind of creepy, right...?

4.  A little shout out to my hard-working husband who's been super busy & super stressed.  So stressed, in fact, that he threw up one morning.  Yeah.  Luckily he was given a cupcake that night to make it better.

5.  Per LB's suggestion, Jonathan & I have been flying through the three books in The Hunger Games series.  They are young adult books about a dystopian world.  Like I always say, I've never met a dystopia I don't like, and these certainly continue the tradition.

6.  It's sort of long past now - but I didn't mention how I got to go with Anna last weekend to buy her wedding dress!  We had fun girling it up while she modeled ~15 dresses.  The one she got is an absolute winner!  Maybe there will be some pics of it after April 9th...

7.  The low in Ohio tonight (where we'll be cheering on the local HS at the Homecoming game) is supposed to be 42.  Say whaaaat?

8.  I'm hoping to try some new recipes.  So, I started a folder on my desktop where I can copy & paste recipes I see on websites that I want to try.  I'll often see something that looks good, think about how I should make it, and then promptly forget about it within 10 minutes.  No more!

9.  I got my flu shot a couple days ago and it didn't hurt at all.  It was less pain than if I were to pinch myself really hard (and quicker).  But every year before I get it, I get super nervous because there was one year where I got one from "The Shot Nurse" and it killed.  Like, a really, really painful stabbing & then this nasty feeling of something hot pouring into my muscle that lasted for a good 5-10 seconds.  And then tenderness in the area for about a week.  Anyone - Nurse Katie? - know why there would be such a difference with the same vaccine?

10.  I've been sporting my Fall work clothes this week & I love it!  Bring on the tweed!

11.  Have a great weekend, guys!

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Claire said...

Re saving recipes, I too have a folder on my desktop for recipes, as well as a folder in my bookmarks. Also, I've started emailing myself links to recipes, and now have a separate Gmail label marked "recipes." So, yes, no more forgetting about a great recipe 10 minutes later. Happy cooking (and weekend)!