Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vacay Part III

Ok, ok.  This will be the last one.

One thing I've failed to mention in these posts is how awesome our weather was!  We were pretty nervous before we headed down - had rain showers predicted for every day.  When packing, we were planning what sunscreen to bring and Jonathan was like, "I mean, I don't think it really matters because we aren't even going to get that much sun."

So wrong, though!  Thank goodness.  The weather was perfect.  It was perfectly sunny & cloudless every. single. day.  It was pretty hot, but that was to be expected.  Luckily this cooled down the heat.
On the second to last day, we got a couple's massage which was lovely and relaxing.

Another highlight of our trip was a day outing to Selvatica.  It's appropriately subtitled, "The Adventure Kingdom."  They offer all kinds of different day-long excursion packages. 

The one we did first had these awesome ziplines through the jungle in the morning.  They were strung between trees and were really long, so you felt like you were flying through the jungle.  Jonathan might or might not have done one upside-down (that little daredevil).  That part of the day was so cool (unfortunately we have no photo evidence because we didn't want to drop the camera). 

After that, an army truck took us even farther into the jungle.

 Out there, we drove these off-road buggies through all kinds of mud trails.  It was messy and awes.  Jonathan did the driving because I was a little freaked out to even be a passenger. 

Then the last part of the day was spent at a gorgeous cenote (pronounced "suh-note-ahy" [or as Jonathan preferred: "c-note"]), which is an underground river.  They're apparently everywhere in Mexico.  It was so pretty!  (Note all the ropes and stuff you could hang on to climb around out there.)
We really enjoyed ourselves that day.
Actually, we really enjoyed ourselves the whole week.  It was such a joy to get away from our everyday lives for a little bit and reconnect, relax, read, talk, just be with each other without any stresses. 

Absolutely no regrets about the whole trip... 

Well, maybe one.  I regret holding my tongue when I wanted to correct the maitre-de at the Mexican restaurant.  When couples would walk in (male/female couples) he would greet them with "hello gentlemen."  "Table for two, gentlemen?"  "Right this way, gentlemen."

So that was our week.  I hope you enjoyed hearing about it!  We'll be back to normal blogging tomorrow.  Gentlemen.

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LB said...

Gentleman, have you seen the Imax ads about "underwater Mexico"? Do you think they feature c-notes?