Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vacay Part II

So now you've seen our lovely surroundings for a week, you might be wondering what we actually did on our trip.

I should start by saying that this was the view I saw most of the week.
And what Jonathan saw.

What you can't see in these pictures: the beer or frozen cocktail that occupied our hands for seven days.  But yeah, we went to the beach every day.  We would get one of these cabanas.
And throughout the day sit under its shade or in the sun.  Here was our view.
And this (a little blurry).
I enjoyed swimming in the ocean (especially on the first couple days when the waves were really big).
And after our day of beaching/pooling, we would clean up, go get a drink, and go to dinner (there were 7 restaurants to choose from: a steak place, a lobster place, and then Mexican, Indonesian, Italian, French, and Japanese restaurants).  Ole!

We cleaned up alright.

Then after dinner, we'd go get one last drink (or two).  This was one such "last drink or two."
And good old tequila showed his face a little, as well.
One huge difference we saw between this resort & the honeymoon place was the quality of food.  At this one, it was so delicious!  We really enjoyed the Indonesian restaurant and the Japanese one, so we ate at each of those twice.  And a couple times in the afternoon at the big pool, I'd order nachos that came heaped with cheese, guac, pico, and jalapenos.  Yum!  We also ordered snacks from room service a lot.

So yeah, that whole "eat less, exercise more" thing I had pre-planned?  Didn't happen so much.  But the food was good, which was a little different than the last place - so it wasn't like I was forcing something down just to eat - I was eating because it was awesome.

We got some exercise, too.  There was a lot of walking because the resort was huge!  Then one morning we took a bike ride around the grounds.  One morning we played tennis (a hot, sweaty disaster that ended with me just about passed out on a chair in the lobby while Jonathan frantically tried to find me water).  And one afternoon we took out a sea kayak.

Oh gosh.  There's still more to tell (lucky you!) - stay tuned for "Vacay Part III"...


Sarah said...

I really couldn't be more jealous. That looks fantastic and I need a vacation.

Claire said...

Haha, fun! That last picture of you and Jonathan with the bottle is very cute.