Monday, September 13, 2010

Vacay Part I

Oh the sadness of arriving home after an awesome vacation.  The blandness of salmon and steamed broccoli after a week of all-inclusive gluttony.  The bore of plain water after a week of around-the-clock drinks, appropriately named things like "Banana Mama," "Dirty Monkey," "Chi Chi," "Grasshopper," etc.  The pain of the first run after a week of little-to-no physical activity.  The hardness of pavement under foot, not sand.

It was such a great trip, though!  So...I present you....
The resort itself was really pretty.  Our room was a swim-up suite - so, it was on this little river of pools.  There were three rooms to the suite: a really nice, big bathroom; the bedroom section; and a sitting area with a couch & tv.  Then out a sliding glass door was the patio, a little bit of grass, and a river of pools.

Here's the view out our patio (one of my favorite activities was reading in the pool after a day at the beach).
This is a side view of the river of pools.
Here's another of the river pools.
And here are a couple pics of the room.  Standing a little past the bathroom (which was behind me on the left) into the whole suite.
Here's the bedroom portion.  Stop looking at me, swan.
Here's the living room area.
Someone is enjoying the complimentary bathrobe...
Then aside from the room, the whole resort was quite pretty.  It was very lush.  Here's a pic of a walkway that leads to the main pool.
All the walkways felt tropical.  There were a ton of iguanas.  (And other indigenous animals - ie, on the second night we saw a big, nasty tarantula that might or might not have given me nightmares for two nights and might or might not have led me to request Jonathan check under furniture before we got into bed.)

But it was great.  Stay tuned for tomorrow's "Vacay Part II"...

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LB said...

That resort looks amazing! What kind of stuff did y'all do there? Maybe that's coming in Part II? Let's see a close-up of your new crazy tan!