Thursday, September 23, 2010

Seasonal Decorations - Yay or Nay

This is a sort of funny question, I guess, but I'm curious: what are your thoughts on seasonal decorations?  That is, non-Christmas seasonal decs (because at Christmas, I definitely go for it).  So - stuff like Fall decorations or Spring/Easter decorations?

The way our house is set up (which I promise to post pictures of once we have the new prints up) is like this: you open the front door & you're in our formal living room.  Behind that (in an open-style floor plan) is the dining room.  Our dining room doesn't have a table - it has a baby grand piano, an upholstered chair, an antique desk, and a bookshelf.  Behind that (accessed by two sliding doors - one we keep open, one we keep closed) is our very large, casual family room, or "den," if you will.  (And then obviously the other side of the house has the bedrooms/bathrooms/kitchen, etc. - but that doesn't matter for this post.)  The fireplace is in the formal living room.  And the kitchen table is in the big, back room.

So in thinking about some houses I know that do seasonal decorating, two come to mind: my mom's house & my mother in law's house.  At my mom's house, she puts her seasonal decorations on the really large coffee table in the family room and around the fireplace.  At my in-law's house, she decorates their really large dining room table (which is centrally located in their house).

And I should say, when I'm talking about Fall decorations, I mean really tasteful stuff.  Like: decorative/arty pumpkins & gourds, decorative dried corn, Fall-colored leaves, acorns, pine cones, etc.  Not: anything Halloween, turkeys, scarecrows, hay, pilgrims, dressed-up pumpkins, etc. 

More this:
And this:
And not so much this:
(Ha.  I love how they placed the random sunflower in the middle of that wheel thing.)

Or this:

So the questions are:
1) Do people our age decorate seasonally?
2) Where in my house would I put the actual decorations since I don't have a dining room table?

I don't think our formal living room is the right place for anything.  It's too nice & there isn't a lot of extra space for deco.  The piano room also doesn't really have any extra space.

That leaves the big back room.  But I don't have a very big coffee table.  And so I'm wondering if I put some stuff on the kitchen table if it would just be too random since there wouldn't be any other decorations.

What do you guys think?  Will you decorate for Fall?


LB said...

So, I don't think our age group, as a whole, is quite to the seasonal decorating stage yet (beyond Christmas), BUT I still think it's perfectly acceptable for you to get your Pottery Barn on and make it happen. (Michael's / Garden Ridge / Hobby Lobby would be better bets though). Also, I think the front room is actually perfect because seasonal decorating seems a little "nicer" to me anyway, and then it'd be the first thing people you'd see when you walked in, so you can always enjoy it. Isn't there a coffee table in there?

Claire said...

Uh! I just left a long comment, but some server error lost it. Basically, I am in favor of small seasonal touches here and there. Make a home feel warm. Happy decorating!