Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Product Plug: Crest 3D White

I should preface by saying that I'm not being compensated in any way for this review.  These opinions are entirely my own. 

(But Crest, if you're reading this & want to compensate me for my opinion, I'd happily join your payroll.)
You guys - this is the best whitening toothpaste ever.  I'm serious.

I do this weird, conditioned behavior when I'm drinking coffee.  I immediately put the liquid behind my bottom teeth when it goes into my mouth (in an effort to avoid staining my front teeth).  Well, because of that, if I open my mouth and look at the back of my bottom teeth in the mirror, I have coffee stains.  A lot.  And they don't go away with normal brushing.  I've tried to pay extra attention to that area, but they just don't budge.

But!  I'm serious, you guys, they went away in less than a week of using Crest 3D White.  Less than a week.  Months of stains.  Gone - POOF!

The toothpaste isn't abrasive and it doesn't cause any sensitivity  In the past I've had: 1) weird gum reactions to toothpastes and 2) crazy sensitivity to whitening products.  But nothing with this one.

So yeah.  Bottom line: use this stuff.  It's awesome.


katie said...

oh! great to know! thanks, mon

LB said...

hmmm. does it have the same aftertaste as crest with scope? because that's my favorite.

p.s. remember how I used to use arm & hammer until katie made me think it tasted like crawfish?

b|rad said...

oh my gosh. I JUST bought this toothpaste and too, am obsessed. I feel like it leaves my breath fresh and leaves me with the "just brushed" feeling for hours after I've brushed.

But here's the question: Do you still drink coffee or did you do the Crest 2 week challenge and forego things that stain your teeth, i.e. wine and coffee. Because I'm using the toothpaste but still continuing to drink coffee too.

So thoughts!?

Jackie said...

I'm still drinking coffee & wine. But it's still miraculous! So, it took away the stains initially - and now they just don't ever form again.

I'm not sure how it works in terms of general whitening - like, if I wanted my front teeth to brighten a shade or two. But for the stains, it's awes.

katie said...

i bought this toothpaste this weekend. can't wait to try it as soon as i finish the tube i'm on!