Thursday, September 2, 2010

Help Me, Fellow Non-Doctors

Yeah - work this week has been a little crazy.  So here's a quick blog update where you all weigh-in with your non-doctor advice (and please don't give me the advice "go to the doctor" - I don't think I'm there yet).

About two-ish months ago in my yoga class we concentrated on the low/mid back.  So basically, an hour of cobra & up-dog & various exercises using weights (it's a "yoga sculpt" class).  There was never a moment in the class that was like BAM where I was hit with back pain or something popped, etc.  But afterwards my back was sore (which was common - I'm always sore in whatever body area we focus on).

Around the same time (I think the same week, actually) I got new running shoes.  For years I've worn Sauconys, but this time I decided to spend a little more money & got some Nikes.

And my back has not been the same since.

Nothing has changed about my workouts.  So I'm still doing yoga 1-2x per week, walking on some days, jogging on some days, a combination of walking & jogging on some days, and usually doing a P90X video at least once a week.  And I've not increased anything about the workout regime, in general.  So some days I'll push a little harder than others, but I imagine it all evens out in the end.

I would define it as mid to low back pain (that is, in my mid, low back - not way way far down, but not above, say, my natural waist).  It just feels like soreness.  It doesn't feel like a pulled muscle.  And it's equal throughout this whole area (not stronger on one side or the other).

I have two theories: 1) I pulled something during yoga & never gave it time to heal; or 2) it's the new shoes.

I gave it some rest this past week (I didn't work out Friday - Tuesday) and it was feeling normal by Saturday.  But then last night I did an ab P90X video followed by Cardio X (which is general cardio-type stuff) and it's back, full on.  I was up a portion of last night very uncomfortable.

Could my shoes be causing this?  Have you guys ever had shoes that caused a problem?

I wondered a little if it could be from standing for a long time (that is, last night I did my whole workout, then stood in the kitchen while making dinner, then stood in the shower, basically didn't sit down until 7:45 when we ate).  But at family fun night at church this past weekend, I stood in crappy, zero-support flip flops for hours (after a day of running around doing errands) and there was zero effect on my back.

I guess my next step would be to rest a few more consecutive days and try yoga and see if it hurts after that?  Or rest and try cardio in my old running shoes?  It sounds silly but: 1) I don't like to do a ton of "rest" because it mentally makes it easier for me to get out of the groove of daily exercise; and 2) the shoes were pretty expensive - it's going to be really annoying to buy another new pair.


katie said...

bad news - i think it could be the shoes. in high school i had a pair of nike running shoes, and they gave me more knee pain that any shoe i have ever owned. and this was when i was in the best shape of my life (playing sports year-round). i mean, i could be wrong, but i think that could be the case. have you ever gone to breakaway and had them do the foot test on you? i did that before we moved away, and the shoes i got after that test have def been the best running shoes i've ever owned. in order to test this theory, i'd give your back a couple days rest, and then just use your old shoes for like 2-3 weeks and see if it eventually improves. GOOD LUCK!

katie said...

also - you could try getting some back support dr scholls insoles. those help me, too!

LB said...

aw sad day, I'm sure it is the shoes. so much for spending more money!!! you should sell them on Craigslist (seriously, you can sell all sorts of weird things on there).

Claire said...

hmm, it could be the shoes. what kind of nikes are they? the ones with the shocks? i recently purchased new asics, and during my search was told to avoid the nike shocks. mm, but i can't remember exactly why, so that's no help. i would try your old running shoes, so you can narrow down that it's not the running per se, but running in your new shoes. i would try to return them. some places are nice like that. though selling isn't such a bad idea either. but do be careful about your back. i had debilitating lower back pain my senior year in college and later. it took years for it to fully go away (and who knows if it's truly "fixed.")

Sarah said...

I guess everyone thinks it's the shoes. I wear Nikes, always have and love them, but I have always loved them for my high arches and now wear foot insoles. Yoga often gives me a sore back but it usually goes away within 1-2 days. Whenever I have had back pain in the past it is often when my abs are weak. I would try some variance in your ab routine if changing shoes doesn't help. Good luck!