Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall, Glorious Fall!

I've made it no secret that Fall is my favorite season.  I love it!  I love everything about it.  And while Memphis Fall isn't nearly as awesome as more northern cities, I make the most of it. 

Yesterday & today, particularly, are having some awesome, seasonally cool weather (temps in the 70s).  So in honor of that - I'd like to present a list of the things I love most about Fall. 

(And yes - a lot of these are related to food.  BACK OFF.)

-rich, Fall colors
-"back to school" clothes
-pumpkin-flavored beer (I also had a chocolate stout this past weekend that was delicious & Fall-like)
-pumpkin-flavored desserts
-corn mazes
-caramel apples (had one on Saturday - mmm)
-apple cider
-pumpkin patches
-Fall vegetables (Finally!  I think I'll die if I have to eat any more zucchini or squash)
-dinners on our deck
-JEANS - all weekend, every weekend
-boots (and I definitely bought the ones I wanted in my last post - the ones Sarah already has)
-warm, heavier dinners - like soup/stew, chili, pot pie, etc.
-snuggling with a blanket
-sweaters - especially when the weather is cool enough for a sweater, warm enough for no coat
-wearing my bathrobe & slippers
-someone's birthday
-college football on my terms - that is, the few times when I'm actually excited about drinking some beer, laying around, and watching it; that is, not as the thing that keeps someone uninterested in doing anything else on the weekends; and not as the thing that keeps the awful tv on constantly
-Halloween candy
-carving pumpkins (particularly with a pumpkin ale in hand)
-red wine as seasonally acceptable (I drink it year-round - but it feels more appropo with cooler weather)
-the beautiful, big trees in my neighborhood changing color

Ah - I'm excited just reading that list!  Did I forget anything?  What do you guys like most about Fall?


Sarah said...

In my opinion, fall is the best sports time of year: World Series, college football, and NFL football. This is also usually the time of year when my female roommates get SO sick of me, but good news for me, no roommate this fall to say, "Isn't baseball over yet?" or "Another game?".

A few other things I love about fall: Halloween, fall festivals, kids back to school and not at the Loop restaurants anymore during lunch time, & drinking tea before bed doesn't make me too hot anymore.

LB said...

oooh so happy you sprung for the boots!!! where were they from? i've been dying for some. instead I settled on a gray pair that's to the knee but with a slouch. we'll see how that pans out. YAY FALL!

katie said...

mmm. you should try the brooklyn pumpkin ale. SO good!!

Claire said...

Mm, I love fall, too. My absolute favorite thing to do in cold weather is sit by a warm fire. And I find it's a great time to cook and entertain (waaay to hot in summer). Going apple picking this weekend, and I can't wait! Cider donuts and apples galore.