Friday, September 3, 2010

Cheese Please

Since I had such good response to my last post about old food, I thought you guys might like to know what happened the other day after work.

I got home and went in the kitchen to have a snack.  I opened the refrigerator door and went to the inner drawer where we keep all our cheeses.  I intended to eat some Cabot white cheddar that I'd just opened the day before.  Only - it wasn't there!

I always always keep cheese in the cheese drawer.  Even so, I looked through the rest of the fridge to see if I somehow stuck it on another shelf.  No dice.  Where could the cheese be?  Who took the cheese?

When thinking of possible scenarios, one came to mind: when I was getting a plastic baggie out of the drawer to put the opened cheese in, I accidentally stuck the whole cheese block into the drawer instead of the fridge. 


But then I was in a sort of weird place.  My cheese had been sitting in a drawer (unrefrigerated!!) for a day.  But it was good cheese!  And almost an entire block!  What to do...what to do...?

Maybe you can guess the outcome?

I ate it.  In all its delicious, warm, oozy-goozy glory.  It tasted the same (awesome) as if it'd been in the fridge.  And I'm alive to tell about the experience.  I experienced no side effects.  No unwanted trips to the bathroom.

And my theory about old food lives on...


Claire said...

ha, nice. would have done the same. also, realized we were supposed to have our catch-up this week. i'm terrible. i will try to remember to call you this next week!

Sarah said...

Definitely would have done the same thing. I love good cheese.