Friday, September 24, 2010

Big Mac Attack

Yesterday morning I went to the breakroom to put my lunch in the refrigerator.  The shelves were really packed, so I had to move a smaller bag to a small shelf so I could put my big bag on a big shelf.  I swear I wasn't looking through the person's lunch bag - I just happened to notice what was inside when I moved it:

A Big Mac box (that wasn't heavy enough to have a full Big Mac in it - so a half sandwich, we'll say) and a can of v8.

Interesting.  So this person decided that the remainder of his Big Mac (that he couldn't eat the previous day) was good enough to be saved for lunch the next day; that the Big Mac was so good the first time, that even re-heated, it would be a good meal. And the v8...?  I guess that adds some veggies where the burger is lacking?

Anyway - it was pretty funny.  And I really wish I could've staked out to see who claimed that bag at lunchtime.  But the mystery remains.

It did get me thinking, though: I've never had a Big Mac.  Not even a taste of a Big Mac.  (And obviously I don't eat meat now, so I won't have one anytime soon - but I ate meat for a lot of years!)  When I was a little kid and birthday parties at McDonald's were cool (what??  they were!) and each kid was served a happy meal and an orange soda, it took about two parties for me to realize I couldn't eat the cheeseburgers because I hated them.  And I guess I carried that hatred with me, because I never gave the golden arches another chance to burger-wow me.  (Now chicken McNuggets?  That's a different story.  I've probably eaten hundreds of those in my lifetime.)

Some things I have eaten from McDonald's and loved, though:
1. Pizza!  Many people never had these when they were out (I think there was a select test market - and I had an uncle who was a McD's exec, so we got stuff) - but they were awesome!  Little personal pizzas.
2. The McRib.  Oh yes.  I went there.  And it was awesome.
3. Those boxes of cookies!  Do you guys remember how delicious they were?  Sort of like animal crackers - but better.
4. Cherry pies.  Oh my gosh - do you remember how delicious those fried pies were?

Anyway, I don't ever really eat fast food now.  Do you guys?  If I want something really quick, I go to a sandwich shop or an order-at-the-counter take out-type place (which, in terms of calories [depending on your order] might not be all that different from McD's, but something about it feels cleaner and healthier).  Actually, I think if I went to McDonald's now, I'd be embarrassed that someone I know would see me there.  Do you guys feel like this?  Or am I just a food snob?

Those McD's fries are pretty awesome...


Amanda said...

Believe it or not, Cecile allowed me to have a birthday party at McDonald's. I loved it but probably haven't had McDonald's in 15 years.

katie said...

dude. those birthday parties were def cool! i have also never had a big mac, or even tasted one, but it's one of the things i want to do in life. another thing on that list is to eat a true banana split. never done that either. anyway, i recently had their fries and a frozen coffee drink when i was out running errands with awee, and man, they were good! i mean, i can see why people are addicted to that place. anyway, haven't had anything else in ages. but slight confession - i def sometimes crave chik-fil-a. this is maybe cause we never had one in new orleans growing up so i haven't yet had my fill of it in life, but i do crave that. no other fast food really, though. kewl. i clearly had a lot to say about this post. hahaha