Monday, September 20, 2010

Ah, Consumerism...

It might be approaching Fall, or spending the weekend in a cooler climate, or maybe just straight-up consumerism, but here are some things (mostly boots) that I really have my eyes on for future purchases!

These boots.  I've wanted them since I saw Sarah in them last winter.  I think they're the perfect casual, wear-around-town boot.

These boots.  (Like I said, boots are on the brain.)  I think they're cool and could also be a good wear-around, casual boot.  I love the greyish brown.

These Uggs - which I will not get.  But how cute are they!  How cute would it be to slip these on before yoga?  Or with some leggings & a big, comfy sweater?  (Actually, I'm wondering if they could be weather/water proofed which might actually make them something worth having [for the couple times a year we have snow and the many times a year we have rain] - but maybe a normal Ugg-type boot would be better for that?)
Things I also want but don't have a picture:

-some Fall/Winter-y tunics (or too-short dresses) to wear with leggings (and boots!)
-some more long (below the butt) open cardigan-style chunky sweaters (although I did just get a really cute one this weekend)
-some casual, winter skirts that could be worn with tights or leggings (the only ones I have are definitely more formal, work clothes)

But the main reason I probably won't get a lot of this stuff is because Jonathan and I discussed how I'm going to put a little money aside each month so I can buy one of these beauties.
A laptop of my own!  A beautiful Mac (of some kind - the variety is TBD) where I can write blog posts and edit pictures and write my novel and store music and use garageband to play piano duets with myself.

Are you guys feeling the consumerism itch now that it's Fall?  Anything in particular?


Sarah said...

Yes, I want some new boots that are a little dressier than the ones you have pictured that I own, maybe gray leather with a chunky heel. I think I could wear them to work but also for a night out. Probably shouldn't be shopping while I don't have a roommate though. Haha. Oops.

katie said...

i want boots, too! also, i have a friend from nursing school who has those ugg boots and they're totally cute. but yeah, prob not the most practical purchase.

Claire said...

oh, for sure. i do usually want shoes. i am quite pleased with a pair of black knee-high flat boots i bought last year, so am not so much wanting boots. i do need (ha, want) a nice pair of flats. i can never find a pair that doesn't look like slippers on me. and i *absolutely* need a trench coat. as far as non-clothes items are concerned, i've been thinking of buying a kindle, seeing as they're only $139 now! but like sarah, i need to watch my spending. i've been trying to save up.

b|rad said...

the boots are nice but the mac!!! got some tingles checking out that beauty!