Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Re-Cappage

We had a fun weekend that has left me feeling quite accomplished.  Some tasks that were completed include: garden weeding, dog grooming, clothes washing, furniture moving & rearranging, and custom picture frame ordering.

In more detail, we had a fun Friday night at the Redbirds game (minor league baseball) with Anna & Kevin.  We followed with drinks & dinner at South of Beale.  The weather was gor-geous and the company was great.  A fun night downtown.

My whole plan for the weekend was to get most of my to-do list completed on Saturday so I could go to the pool Sunday.  Enter rainy quasi-thunderstorms Sunday.  Plan foiled.  But it was ok.

So Saturday, as you can imagine, was spent getting a ton of stuff done.  Laundry.  Weeding.  Dog to the groomer.  Grocery store.  Target trip.  And then in the early part of the evening, we volunteered at "Family Fun Night" at our church.  Jonathan & my post was in the game room, which was definitely the cool place for the kiddos to hang, thus giving us a healthy preview of parenthood at various childhood ages.  I also learned a valuable life lesson: I am really good at foosball when playing against children, but against adults, I suck.  That's an awesome realization, let me tell you.

After church night, Jonathan went to the bar with a friend.  So I found myself at the new frozen yogurt place, YoLo.  It. Is. Awesome.  It's one of those places where you fill your own cup, top it yourself, and then weigh & pay.  It's only been open a week - and the amount of times I've been there is almost enough to make a handful who said that?

There was an interesting sermon at church Sunday morning on "What is Hell?"  Then afterwards, with my pool plan foiled, I had the whole day ahead of me.  Jonathan and I got into some furniture rearranging and you guys, I am so excited about how it looks!  I know I mentioned awhile back about the great living room/dining room dilemma - that is, do we bring a dining room table from St. Louis to our house or do we turn the dining room into a piano room.  We went with option B and it looks really cool.  I've done some "Before" pictures, so I'll post them once I have the official "Afters."

So while I was cleaning the mail pile in our living room, I came across a coupon for $40 off custom framing at a new framer by our house.  We bought a three-picture Sharon Montrose series awhile back and haven't framed them yet.  I had my eye on some frames at Pottery Barn that were sold out by the time I went to order them.  So I'd found new ones from PB online which would work, but they were $130.  I wasn't opposed to paying that, but after I saw the coupon, I thought I'd just try the framer place to get an estimate.  I'm sure you can see where this is going, but I was able to pick out exactly what I wanted, have them size it exactly to the proportions I wanted, and the whole thing was $250.  Score!  So after those are hung, I'll post the pics of the new piano room.

I hope you guys had good weekends, too!


LB said...

Can't wait to see the pics? Are you going to post them in 2010 or string us along until some random day in 2014 when you upload everything from your camera?

p.s. My little word verification thing right now is "queeph."

Claire said...

Those animal pictures are terrific! Where did you hear about this person/these pictures?