Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sports Ramblings Part I

I think people are either true sports fanatics, or they aren't. If you aren't, it doesn't mean that you hate sports. In fact, there are probably a couple specific sports or teams you're really into. You might even enjoy playing on intramural/community teams or elsewhere.

But when you're really in the sports world, you're in it. You know so! much! information! about what's happening. Every sport. You know all the major players within the different sports. And how all the different teams are doing. And historical data about all sports. You read articles about sports multiple times a day. You have apps on your phone that allow you to stay up to the minute on what's going on. You watch ESPN whenever you can. You watch whatever game/match/tournament is on every night. You might say that your least favorite sport to watch is X - but you can still recite pages & pages of data (current and historical) about it.

My husband - and probably a lot of your husbands/boyfriends - is one of these people.  As are most of his close friends, as are my dad and half brother, as was my stepdad.  And I find it fascinating! I just don't understand how one can acquire so much knowledge about something so multifaceted. (Well, I mean, I understand, in theory that it comes from a lifetime of watching games, reading articles, watching ESPN, listening to sports radio, talking with friends, etc.)  These people, though, are otherwise contributing (and successful!) members of society.  It doesn't seem possible that given the amount of knowledge they hold about this one thing that they'd be able to do anything else with their time.

When I think of myself & my own knowledge pools, I'm not sure any of them go as deeply as Jonathan with sports.  Books?  Maybe - but I have a tough time remembering exactly what they're about after some time away.  Art?  Maybe - but it came from studying art history in classroom situations and it's definitely not attune to current art being produced now. Classical music? This is maybe the closest - but it came from years & years of piano lessons, choir, and college classes on music history. Even so, I'll often forget a composer's name, or be slightly unclear the exact musical period in which they were writing.

I think the overwhelming nature of the sports world intimidates me a little. I wouldn't have a problem going through espn.com or something everyday so as to be able to talk with Jonathan about what's going on and know more about what's on our tv every night. But where would I even begin? There's just so much info! So many teams/players/coaches/broadcasters. College teams. Professional teams. Pro players. Amateur players. Retired players. Brett Favre. It's too much!

I have some more thoughts - but you'll have to stay tuned for tomorrow's sports ramblings part II.


Sarah said...

Haha I like this. If you really want to follow sports more closely, these are my ideas:
1)Reading sports headlines everyday.
2)Follow one team very closely, reading the articles on that team's website, and anything in the local paper. (Better to be a local team, like maybe Jonathan's favorite college bball or football team.
3)Do a pick 'em NFL football pool for the season. Basically all you do is pick one winner of one game every week. Some of them say you can't pick the same team every week, some don't. This usually costs about $20 but is a fun, easy way to get excited about random games and pay attention to which teams will likely beat other teams.

Go Team! Ha.

Jonathan said...

No mention of when you and Katie decided to learn about sports so you could talk to guys about them in college?

My current sports knowledge is nowhere near where it was when i was single and miles from where it was when i was in school. Instead of reading about every college bb team and player in the country, I generally know the top 5 and the Tigers (and all their recruits for the classes of 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013). It used to be a competition to know who knew the most about sports. Now it is knowing enough to follow a couple of teams, compete in fantasy leagues, and have some interest in the golf/tennis majors, World series, NFL and NBA playoffs, NCAA tournament and every single game of the college football season.

katie said...

1. i was going to point out what jonathan already did...the time when we decided we were going to study up on the NFL to impress guys. remember, we even learned who did what in preseason, etc. hahaha

2. brian's one of these guys, too.

3. it's awesome to have one of these people on your team when you play trivia cause there are inevitable a couple of sports questions thrown in every game that i have no clue about.

LB said...

(Lists are awesome)
1. We just got the Sunday Ticket and I'm scared.
2. You should do a for reals fantasy team - they're so fun, and you actually start to care about the players and acquire a little knowledge.