Monday, August 16, 2010

Pull Out Your Pearls

I joined the Memphis chapter of the Junior League.  Yes, I realize this sounds sort of silly, or at the very least, overwhelmingly Southern.  But if you're unfamiliar with it (as I was, since I used to define "junior leaguer," in my mind, as a giant collection of women who wear pastel suits/kitten heels/pearls and go to daytime luncheons), it's actually a community service group.  And on top of that, even though there's definitely a big social element to it, it has a somewhat strong underlying "girl power" theme that runs through the whole thing.

So I'm excited about it.  I've been wanting to volunteer for awhile now, but was having trouble pinpointing exactly what to do.  This will be a good way to sample lots of different types of volunteering.  And will force me to actually get out there and do it; literally - because in your first year, there are a TON of requirements for different projects.  I'm also hoping to meet some new people, so I think this will be good.

We had our first official event on Saturday.  It's totally deserving of its own blog post, though.  But in the meantime, to keep your interest piqued, I'll give you a hint.  Two little words: ropes course.

Stay tuned!

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Sarah said...

So funny. We just did a consulting project for the St. Louis Junior League in one of my summer MBA classes. Their chapter relies on cinnamon roll baking for the chapter fundraiser, and shockingly enough, these members don't like forced manual labor. It was an interesting project though, and the organization does do some cool things. My favorite recent activity they did was bring together a bunch of non profit agencies with the St. Patrick's center so women in poverty could have a "one stop shop" day where they could get mammograms, legal services, housing help etc., all at one location. Enjoy!