Friday, August 27, 2010

I Need Help: Pandora

Do any of you guys know the inner workings of Pandora radio?

I have my account.  The only thing I've ever done to listen to music is click "new station" and enter an artist's name.  So, I searched Norah Jones and now I have "Norah Jones Radio."  I do realize this doesn't only play Norah Jones songs (that it plays stuff like Norah Jones, too).  I understand that aspect.

But my question is this: on my account, there are ~15 stations like that (so, "Norah Jones Radio," "Amos Lee Radio," "Grizzlie Bear Radio," etc.).  Is my "station" my whole account?  Or are the only "stations" associated with my account the blanket stations for the different artists I entered when searching?

I sometimes see people post things on Facebook like, "I have created the best Pandora station known to man."  But if Pandora only works in the way I've listed above, how has a user "created" anything?  The user has really just gone to the station of an artist he likes and is therefore listening to music in the same genre.

Or does it go deeper than that?  Is there a way that my station would be a compilation of all the stations of the individual artists I have in my account?  Or is there a way to rate songs or artists that would then affect the outcome of what I'm listening to?  Those are the only two things I can think of that would justify someone saying he "created" a station in Pandora.

Does this make sense?  Does anyone know the answer?  I would go to to find out myself, but my work blocks it.  Awesome.

Happy Friday, guys!


Kate said...

Hey Jackie! I didn't realize you had a blog!! I'm so glad to follow and read about your life. We thought about you recently when we watched our wedding video on our 5 year anniversary! So crazy that 5 years have passed! Hope you are doing well!

Sarah said...

In order to make a great station on Pandora you combine artists. It's a choice at the bottom of the screen. So eventually you'll have a station that's a mix of a ton of your favorite artists and always seems to play songs that you like, and at least for me introduces me to new artists I would like that I haven't even heard of. For someone musically challenged like me, as in can't remember songs and artists very well, I Love Pandora.

LB said...

Ditto to Sarah. As you start to "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" different songs, it'll learn more about what you like and don't like. And you can select specific artists to be included as well, so ultimately it shouldn't be playing too much crap at all. The more info you give it, the better, because it tends to play the songs you like more frequently and sometimes that can get old.