Monday, August 9, 2010


We spent this past weekend in Houston at the wedding of my college friend, Lauren.  And overall, the weekend was fine.  It was fun.  Not super epic, nor will it be etched into our minds as The. Best. Wedding. Weekend. EVER!  But it was good - and really nice to hang out a lot with Katie & Brian.

We got in town Friday and headed to the rehearsal dinner, which was at a sort of saloon-type bar/restaurant.  And after, we went to a local dive bar that, we were told, used to be a stripclub.  It was a good night.  Katie & I chatted with the bride and wedding party for most of the night, and Jonathan/Brian played shuffleboard at the RD place, and darts at the dive bar.

Saturday morning, Katie and I were invited to a bridesmaid-type luncheon.  This was one of the standout moments of the weekend for me because it was held in a home unlike anything I'd ever seen before.  It was the penthouse (so, the top three floors, 29-31) of a really nice - like, marble floors, gold leaf, huge chandeliers - condo building in Houston.  The girl's dad is the CEO of a very well know, public accounting firm.  It was styled impeccably; the whole exterior was floor to ceiling windows; and the toilet had a computer hooked up to it so you could get a "front wash," a "back wash" or a fan dry (I tried the fan - it was a nice warm breeze).  Pretty awesome.

Saturday during the day was probably the most humorous, mainly because we had no idea what to do in Houston.  Jonathan shot down the idea of going to walk around Rice; Brian shot down the idea of walking around an art museum; and Katie & I shot down the idea of going to a bar all day.  So instead we: 1) ended up accidentally eating at the same restaurant we'd eaten at the night before; 2) walked through Crate & Barrel; 3) went to Sprinkles Cupcakes (which, I thought was awesome - I got banana with chocolate frosting - mmm); 4) acquired some kind of contact rash; and 5) played Scrabble in our crappy hotel's lobby - a gameboard that, by the end, contained the words, "TW*T," "BEDICKED," and "IMA."

The wedding and reception were nice.  I'd say they were pretty much what I now consider a "standard" wedding ("standard" for the type of weddings I usually attend: that is, upper-middle class Southern people who went to the same small, private, liberal arts college as me).  It was in a pretty, old church; the bride looked gorgeous; the reception site was cool; the flowers were beautiful; it had an open bar; a classic wedding band; and a nice buffet.  You could say the The Three D's were successfully achieved: Dining, Drinking, and Dancing.

It made me wonder a little bit if most weddings are going to seem the same, for the most part, as we get older.  It will obviously be different if it's: 1) a family wedding; 2) the wedding of a really close friend; 3) a wedding where 20+ of your good friends are there; 4) one of those random weddings that cost $100,000+; or 5) a wedding where one of the three D's is NOT achieved.  But other than those, I'd say weddings are just, fine.  This weekend's was fine.  I certainly wouldn't have wanted to miss it; but I also don't think I'll necessarily remember it for the rest of my life.  It was fine.  It was fun.  And the love from the weekend has come back to Memphis with us in the form of Jonathan's contact rash - so we get to reminisce even longer.


katie said...

next time we go we should try goode's taqueria. i hear it's awesome!

LB said...

loved this recap! and your saturday (non)plans and scrabble board. I laughed out loud, read to Brian, then laughed out loud again.

sounds like the wedding was like my friend Becky's. definitely super expensive, motown band, top shelf bar, country club reception, traditional church, etc. lovely and fun, but definitely another story when it's your best friend or a major reunion.