Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Green Thumb

"Green Thumb...or Lack Thereof" is perhaps a little closer to the truth. 

I can say with certainty that Jackie's Garden failed miserably this year.  When choosing a bed, there were two options: I liked option one; Jonathan's parents liked option two.  So I went with two, mainly because a) his parents are really good gardeners themselves, and b) if I'd gone with option one and it failed, I knew there was potential for a bad case of I Told You So (although, it would've been in his dad's soft-spoken, non-judgemental voice, "you know, maybe next year you should try the other bed by the side door," but maybe with just a little judgemental thrown in, "you know, maybe next year your should try the other bed by the side door, the one we originally suggested").

Anyway, I realized pretty soon that bed two was a bad option for the reason I'd originally thought: even though it's a West-facing side of the house, there's an enormous tree that blocks sunlight for all but about one hour a day.  His parents thought this bed was the better option because they'd sort of underestimated the size of the tree.

Once I realized this fact, I became uninterested in Jackie's Garden, since I knew the tomatoes probably wouldn't grow.  Then the door to the crawl space of the house fell and crushed one of the plants.  I became more uninterested.  Then there were puppy prints in the bed and all the basil plants were dug up. Aaaaaaand I was done.  Mission unaccomplished.

I've been a little better about tending my plants in the front of the house (8 new azalea bushes, some other flowering plants, and two ferns in hanging baskets).  The ferns though, don't look too awesome at the moment.  They're still alive - but they aren't lush and low-hanging like some of the ones I've seen in my neighborhood.  And the azaleas - well, I just water them a lot and hope for the best.  I'm terrified of finding them dead one day and knowing the culprit.

All this to say, though, I love the idea of being "a gardener."  I so badly want the plants to live.  And with that in mind, I'm thinking about getting two window planter boxes for under the two front windows in our house.  Does anyone have any experience with window boxes?  My mom keeps some boxes on her deck and they are lush and beautiful this year.  I want that.  I just don't know if it will happen.

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