Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fancy Seeing You....Again

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you constantly run into the same person over and over again?  You go to the grocery store, the person is there.  You go on a walk, the person is also walking.  You go to a random event - say, the annual meeting of the association of southerners against the production of silk - and lo and behold, the person is there!

It starts to get weird.  You realize you run into this person more than you see most of your friends.  Because you're seeing him once or twice a week.  Your mind wanders to a sort of weird place, "is it possible that this person is somehow following me?"  "Am I somehow following him?"  "Why??"

Yeah.  This whole scenario?  I'm living it right now.  Living it, too, with the funniest possible person, in my opinion.

The guy I sort of* dated eons ago - when I was young and didn't care about having a relationship (or really anything but myself, my friends, the bar, circle of death, porch nights, etc.).

*I say "sort of" because in total, we didn't really go out that many times.  And the closest conversation we had to defining a relationship went something like this:

Me: "My mom is coming in town this weekend!"
Him: "You know, I wouldn't be opposed to meeting her - I'd like to, actually."
Me: "Probably not.  I don't really think we're there yet."

That was the way things went in our interactions - he said something, I shot it down, we moved on.  You can imagine how interested I was in that.  So the whole thing ended pretty quickly (and I should say, somewhat poorly/immaturely on my part - ie, I just stopped calling/answering his calls until he stopped trying).  I don't really care, though.  Maybe that's bad?  I still don't care, actually, even now, years later, and we're seeing him (and hearing him - the loudest talker you've ever heard) everywhere.

Literally, though, everywhere.  Grocery store.  Farmer's market.  Driving in the next car.  Rhodes pool.  Gym.  Hold Steady Concert.  Al Green concert.  All arts events in this young art group we're in.  It's almost like we know now, if we go someplace, there's a pretty strong chance he's going to be there.

Could he be following me?  Not sure I would put that past him, seeing as he did a day's worth of yardwork at our house when we were out of town one time AFTER TWO DATES! 

If you don't hear from me for a few days...


LB said...

omg LOUD TALKER!!!!!! I am 99% sure I remember his name but now would feel bad writing it on here. Did his last name rhyme with "clean?"

Jonathan said...

I'm gonna start having to get rough with him.