Friday, August 6, 2010


This is slightly old news, I suppose, since all the Prop 8 stuff happened a couple days ago.  But I was thinking about it after the new California ruling, and I continue to be overwhelmed with this simple question:

WHY isn't same-sex marriage legal?

I know this is in no way an original thought - that people dedicate their lives to fighting for this - that anyone in a same-sex couple obviously cares 1000x more about it than me.  But I think one could argue, even from a non-partisan standpoint, that "allowing" or "not allowing" it doesn't even seem like a right the government should have.  As if the government shouldn't "allow" candy to be sold anymore because of the obesity epidemic.

I hope sometime soon all people will be "given" equal human rights.  Hopefully the ruling a couple days ago is a baby step in the right direction for the country.

Happy weekend!

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