Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Clarification on Heat

Have you guys seen the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray?  Where he wakes up every single day and it's the same?  And it's sort of cute and charming in the beginning, but by the end, if you see that stupid alarm clock scene one more time you might throw the closest sharp object you can find through the tv?

I've maybe seen it once or twice.

But anyway, I sort of feel like I live my own version of Groundhog Day every year about this time (August).  But it's not the same event, per se, it's the same conversation.  It takes place between two of my coworkers and me (the same two every year) and goes like this:

Person 1: Man, it's soooo hot outside!
Person 2: Oh I know!  Just awful!  You can't even leave the air conditioning.
Me: Can you imagine not having air conditioning, I mean, you'd die.  Literally.
P1: Oh yeah, you couldn't be without air.  It is just soooo hot!
P2: It really is.  I mean, seriously, it wasn't this hot last year.
P1: No.  It couldn't have been this hot last year, I mean, it's soooo hot out.  The low for the day is in the 80s!
P2: Last year was hot, but not this hot.  This is unbearable.

And then I'm left standing there feeling funny - like I'm having dejavu.

So I want to clear some things up.  So that next year, if I find myself in the same conversation, I can refer back to this.

Temperature Timetable

June: it's starting to get hot.  There might even be a few really, unseasonably hot days.  But it's still tolerable.  You can still do stuff outside (even though it's hot).  And the main difference between June and later is that at night, it still cools down considerably.  You can absolutely go to, say, an outdoor nighttime concert.

July: it's hotter.  It's also a somewhat stormy month, with severe storms in the beginning (presumably caused from switching from the milder hot of June into the blazing heat of July).  But by the end of the month (the last couple weeks) it's really hot.  Like, heat advisory hot - literally - the newscasters will call it a "heat advisory" and tell you to stay inside unless you have to leave.  Like, temperatures don't drop to the 70s at night.  The air conditioner never shuts off.  In the mornings when you first wake up, it's still hot.

August: the first 2-3 weeks are just as hot as the end of July.  There are still heat advisories.  The temps don't go below 80.  And then after those 2-3 weeks, it cools off.  But it's still hot - it's still in the mid-90s everyday (it just feels cooler because on some of the hot days from the weeks before the temps were "102, feels like 112").  We maybe start to get a little cooler at night, though (into the 70s), which makes the mornings slightly cooler and doesn't allow the day-time temps to reach quite as high as heat-advisory temps.  But it's still hot.  This is the point I'd like to drive home.  It is this hot every year - we just forget.

I'll also probably have to do a similar post in October, because I feel like there's a similar dialogue about the hot temps then.  BUT - I'm going to close now with a note from present-day, mid-August Jackie to future, end-of-September Jackie:

 Dude.  It's not hot now.  Even though the highs for the day might still be in the 80s (and yeah, I know, it sucks because Fall is our favorite season and St. Louis has such a lovely Fall that Memphis just doesn't), but the 80s are NOTHING compared to what we had at the end of July/early August.  Remember those days?  Remember when you were at Concert in the Garden with KC & Katheryn and you thought there was a bug crawling on your arm?  And you went to swat it away only to realize it was a trickle of sweat?  Remember when Jonathan complained multiple times a day about how hot the house was (and yeah, I know, he still complains now [I know - so annoying!]), but at least he's only complaining now once a day.  Remember when you were at the Junior League thing at BRIDGES and the final task was outside in the sun and you had to get all the girls over that wall?  And you were the one pulling them up and everyone was so sweaty that they're arms were slipping through your grip?  And by the end, your hair was soaked through with sweat?  Yeah, girl.  Cowboy up - you're fine now.


Jonathan said...

1st rule of blogging - your husband is never annoying.

I think you need to revisit this post in January when you are complaining about how cold everything is.

LB said...

It's a good thing you don't live in Austin. People proceed during the summer as if it's NOT over 100 degrees, i.e. same amount of outdoor activities, happy hour on a patio, open air concerts at night. It's crazy!