Thursday, August 26, 2010

All-Inclusive Vacay

The weather outside is finally starting to cool down a little (read: temps in the 90s instead of the 100s), which is awesome.  But it's also making me generally disgruntled to be in the office all day.  SO - how to cure a case of the get-me-out-of-heres??  Daydream about our quickly approaching vacation!

We decided on an all-inclusive resort in Mexico.  Price & ease were the main factors here; when we looked at a possible Hawaiian vacation, we realized we'd be paying about the same for our week in Mexico as we would be for airfare alone to Hawaii!  Insanity.  Ole! it is - not aloha.

We've done one other all-inclusive vacation - our honeymoon - to a secluded resort 30 miles or so north of Cancun.  It was gorgeous and luxurious; we ate & drank for ten days (often starting drinks around 10:30am), lounged at the pool, read about 4 books each, had some spa treatments, did an excursion to ruins in Tulum & a natural water park, had a romantic dinner on the beach, took some yoga & pilates classes, went to some shows at night - basically it was the perfect honeymoon for us: we wanted relaxation & gluttony & romance & didn't want to think or make decisions - and we got all of that.

With this upcoming trip, though, I think I might do a couple things differently.

1) Do the eating portion of the trip better.

I think with the first trip, I knew we'd spent a lot of money, so the whole time, I kept trying to "get our money's worth."  I ended up being really full the whole time we were there - but I didn't want to skip meals per se, because I wanted to make the price worth it.

With this trip, one, we didn't spend that much money, so maybe that thought won't be in the back of my mind.  Two, I'm not going to eat a full plate of something that's only decent.  I have a problem with leaving a lot of food on my plate (because there are starving kids out there!); but I just need to get over that for the week, I think.  Three, when you eat a ton of food, you never really feel the effects of the 300 drinks you have over the course of the day - I think I might like to feel them a little this time.  And four, if my lunch isn't all that delicious, I think I might just eat a bag of M&Ms in the room, or a ton of chips & guac instead of a mediocre sandwich - the mistake I made last time was first eating the whole mediocre sandwich and then eating the M&Ms or chips/guac - no need for that.

2) Eat more little goodies along the way.

I'm pretty sure at our honeymoon place, there was a bar that made fun ice cream drinks & served scoops of ice cream at night.  I had one ice cream drink, but not once did I have a scoop of ice cream.  I love ice cream!  I never eat ice cream at home - so I might as well get some on vacation.  So again, this will go back to the previous comment - I'd rather have a big scoop (or two!) of ice cream than a mediocre dinner.  I think that will mean eating smaller amounts at meal time (unless the food is awesome) to leave room for fun goodies.

3) Do more during the down-time between leaving the pool/beach and dinner.

It might be different now, since it's the end of Summer, but on our honeymoon (late November), the prime "sunning-sun" you'd want was pretty much gone by 4pm.  We had a very luxurious 2-story room at the last place that had an upstairs patio & private pool - so we'd spend some time up there, usually after pool time.  But I think this might be a good hour or two to maybe get in some physical activity?  Even if that means just walking around the resort or on the beach.  Or maybe going to the beach with some drinks to watch the sun set?

4) I'm a little uncertain about this still - but I think I might like to get a liiiiittle more exercise on the trip this time around.

Clearly after our wedding (and the 90 days of 6 day/week workouts [P90X] leading up to it), we didn't want to work out.  Actually, before we left, Jonathan mentioned bringing the Plyometrics dvd with us (which is basically the most intense P90X video there is - it's an hour of "jump training") and I wouldn't let him.  But for this trip - I don't know - I think I might feel better if I do something that requires more effort than, say, moving the chair throughout the afternoon to stay with the sun.  I don't want to be crazy/compulsive about it.  But I think we could easily bring some running shoes and at least walk more.  Or maybe rent a sea kayak and take off (which we did in St. Thomas and loved).  Or do some bike rides around the property (which was offered at the last place, but we never did).  We'll see.  Maybe we'll just lay around like we did last time, which would be fine as well.

Has anyone else done an all-inclusive and have thoughts on the best way to "do" it?  I don't know how you guys feel - but thinking about all this had made me super excited for my trip!


Jonathan said...

I guess the "lose it" app will explode on this trip. I'm ready to go! As far as the exercise thing, I think morning exercise may be the way to go. there is an article on CNN I think talking about how people gain 1 lb a day on a cruise. Hopefully that won't happen on this all inclusive (again)

katie said...


LB said...

I find that my tennis shoes never leave my bag when I'm on vacation, but you don't need shoes for beach walking! Also you could do some actual swimming in your pool or the ocean? Even just doing bicycle kicks or something while you're lounging in the pool isn't too strenuous but makes you feel like slightly less of a loaf.

Tippy said...

What is the name of this place? would it be good for my honeymoon...we need a place good enough for a 2 week stay. That is probably tricky with 1 destination because we might get bored. :)