Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Suppers

I don't know if you guys feel the same way, but now that we're in the real thick of summer, I haven't wanted to eat the way we do when the temperature is lower.  It's just so hot outside right now and the days are so long.

Now we certainly don't eat unhealthfully during the rest of the year, but maybe heavier is the term?  Because of late, I've wanted nothing to do with any super rich foods; no pastas; no casseroles; no soups, no heavy sauces.  I've just been craving clean foods.  Salads, fruit (especially grapes - oh my gosh, I can't get enough grapes!), vegetables, gazpacho, stuff that leans towards room temperature (vs. hot), nuts/seeds, basically things that are simple.  And I've wanted to eat less; I don't know, but summer just doesn't seem like the time to have huge meals.

So this week I've tried making a few new dinners.  And all have been somewhat successful, I'd say.  One night we had a cabbage salad with various veggies topped with salmon (all with a light soy/lime/peanuty dressing).  One night we had a lovely little broccoli/shallot frittata with a salad.  And the standout, by far, was an awesome black bean burger with a tzatziki-type yogurt sauce.  The recipe is here (from Kirsten's blog) and to pat myself on the back, it was so good!  To echo what she says in her post, the burger is super moist (which isn't always the case with bean burgers).  Jonathan had his on a bun, but I just ate mine on top of some lettuce & served with fresh tomatoes.  Yum.  Follow that with a popsicle and you're in business.

Do you guys have any thoughts for delicious, light, summer dinners?

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