Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Starting Over And Over And Over Again...

I'm a little annoyed with myself at the moment because I feel like I've not paid enough attention to my health.  I weigh the most I've weighed in the past two years; I've been exercising sporadically, without any kind of plan or purpose; and I haven't been carefully thinking about my food choices.

I shouldn't need to constantly remind myself (and also shouldn't need to "start over" over and over and over again), but here goes:

1) I want to eat healthfully - whole foods, organic, fruits & veg, lean protein, etc.
          a) I want to stop snacking so much!  I want to be able to control myself when I do start snacking.
          b) I need to completely end the "tomorrow I'll worry about what I eat" mentality.
          c) I want to have options other than going out to eat as a way to meet up with friends or have a special night out with my husband.

2) I want to exercise for my health.  Exercise isn't the way my body loses weight - it just isn't (calorie restriction is) - but I need to exercise for my health.  I want to have a super healthy heart.  I want to have healthy cholesterol and low blood pressure.  Even if it's only briskly walking for half an hour a day, I need to do this.

3) I want to lose the now ten pounds I've gained since my wedding.  Ew.  It's making me uncomfortable, especially the past few weeks.  I feel like my clothes are clinging & gathering more than normal and that I'm tugging at them more to reposition.  There's a certain lack of confidence that comes with always having to readjust what you're wearing because it's clinging to an unsightly part of your body.

So I just need to plain old get back into monitoring my daily calories (consuming healthy stuff), even though that can be so lame and boring.  And I really, really need to get my heart rate up just about every day of the week.

Why is it so easy to fail at healthful living?

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b|rad said...

For what it's worth, when I saw you on Sunday, I thought, MAN! Jackie looks great! So thin!

So there ya go...I think you look H-O-T! :)