Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Life, My Blog

I read a lot of blogs each day - about a 50/50 split between people I know in "real life" and people whose blogs I've somehow stumbled across and become an avid reader.  And I love them!  I love hearing the different styles of writing, and the varying levels of personal information shared, and I just love the general sort of voyheuristic appeal of stepping inside someone's mind.

I have to say, though, that I get this overwhelming feeling that other people are doing a lot more in their lives than I am.  And this could just be a case of someone else sharing more personal info with the world than I do.  Or it could be a case of awesome writing skills (seriously, I just read someone's post the other day about pinning laundry to a drying line that was fascinating).  But other people have a lot more going on than me - and they know how to share it in a way that's interesting.

I leave a lot of the things Jonathan & I do out of the blog, frankly, because I think it might be boring.  Or, on a Monday, say, I don't really know how to explain what we did that weekend without: 1) writing a boring little essay that goes day to day through our activities, 2) writing a post that is witty and fun, but suuuuper long, or 3) writing a couple posts that are witty & fun about the weekend, which then only leaves a day or two of writing about anything other than the stuff we do.  Can you see the cunundrum?

Weekends aside, though, I still feel like other people have more stuff going on daily than I do.  (And no, I don't want to ever write about work - even though it can be so ridiculous and funny sometimes - it's just crossing a personal line.)  If I were to write about my day to day, it would go something like this:

I woke up a little later than I wanted and raced to get ready for work.  I spent the day at work.  I got home and cleaned up the house a little.  Exercised.  Showered.  Made and ate dinner.  Then Jonathan & I retreated to the couch to read and/or watch tv until 10, when we went to bed.  Seriously!  Those are my days - throw in yoga or zumba, a monthly book club, a monthly bible study, dinner at my in-law's house, and that's that.

And I'm not really complaining.  In fact, I get a little overwhelmed when I have a ton of stuff going on in the week.  And I don't love to go out on "school nights" - I like to be able to exercise & feel healthy during the week.  I guess I'm more curious about why/how other people are doing so many more things than I am.  Or -  if they really are doing more, or just writing better about key points?

I think a new goal of mine for the blog is to write better about key things, really focusing on details - not just telling a line of events "...and then we did this, and then this, followed by this."


And also, just to note while we're talking about goals for the blog - I'm going to start doing some creative writing.  I have a book of writing prompts I'll probably use for awhile until I feel inspired to write on my own.  I recognize that a post of creative writing isn't going to be all that interesting to read - but, it's my blog, ha.  No really, though, the reason I would post it to this at all is so I can have an account of what I'm writing and when.  It will be labeled as "creative writing" and I'll probably post the prompt the first few times I do it.  Feel free to skip over those posts, again, they're going to be for me - to help my little creative brain get back on the creative wagon.  And maybe, just maybe, inspire my great American novel...

(Also - another fun side note - this is the first post I've ever written without a spelling error caught by the spell check!  Moving up in the world...)


Jonathan said...

Spell check doesn't know how to spell voyeuristic.

I also seem to remember some kick ass games of charades played last week.

Team DesGranges said...

I get so jealous when I read someone's blog about something ridiculous (like laundry) and find myself laughing out loud. Sigh.

Excited about these creative writing posts!