Friday, July 2, 2010

Independence Day

Generally speaking, I've always been a fan of the 4th of July.  It was fun when I lived in St. Louis because there are tons of different fireworks displays to choose from (including a lovely show right behind the arch downtown).  And when I lived there, we always had big groups of friends who did stuff to celebrate - so BBQs and parties and pool time.  It was always festive and America-y.

My most memorable 4th of July, though, was 2006 in Memphis.  The 4th fell on a Tuesday, so we all had just one random day off work instead of an awesome 3-day weekend.  I was living with Katie & LB; and because we'd been in our house since the end of December and hadn't hosted any major parties, we decided the 4th was our chance.

Things we had at our party:
1) a keg of Natural Light
2) a volleyball net
3) a cake with strawberries & blueberries arranged like a flag
4) a stereo set up outside
5) a slip n' slide

Life was so simple then.

At that point in time, we had a huge group of friends and random acquaintances between the three of us - so we basically invited everyone we knew who would be up for a party.  And throughout the day, we had quite a few people stop in and have a beer or two.  We had the World Cup on the tv inside in the living room.  The day was h-o-t, - I mean, completely sweltering, sweat drips off you just to be outside, hot.  We started a thing where you'd stick your arm as far into the keg ice as you could to cool down a little.  The only drink we really offered was beer - so again, the heat was so intense that drinking beer was quite abundant, especially for the hostesses.

We were drunk.  The kind of drunk you can only get when it's 115 outside and all you've had to drink is an absurdly large amount of keg beer and no food but chips and cake.  We had set up the slip n' slide earlier in the day - but at that time, modestly certainly outweighed the fun-potential of the thing.  Fast forward to 10 beers later, all modesty is out the window, and we're down the slip n' slide!  I remember two funny things about the SNS:

1) a male acquaintance of ours arrived at our party right when we came out of the house in swimsuits ready to go - so if you're sober and come to a house with 3 girls in bikinis spraying each other with a hose to prep for slip n' slide (and possibly rubbing some kind of lotion on each other to make us slip more - is that correct - did we do that??), that's pretty awesome, right?
2) I think the three of us, the male acquaintance, and my cousin were the only ones who went down it.  So I'm wondering what the rest of the people at the party were doing at that time?

In my memories of that slip n' slide, time is sort of frozen.  It was nothing but us and the slide.  There was no pain involved with flinging ourselves onto the ground, or with skidding after the end of the slide into the yard with sticks and rocks - it was just me/Katie/LB, the green lawn, a sprinkler, and the yellow plastic.  We had to have done it for awhile, because I have pictures of us when we started and pictures of us later where it's starting to get dark outside.

The slip n' slide started a natural progression into keg stands (because we had to finish the keg).  Again, it's all a little hazy in my memory, but I'm pretty sure at one point, we decided to close up shop.  I think a few people went for hamburgers, but I passed out.  It was a Tuesday, mind you.

Wednesday, July 5, 2006 was the still-drunkest/most hungover I've ever been at work.  I sat in my office chair when I got there & the room was spinning.  At one point, I had to go sit on the toilet because I thought I was going to throw up.  I'm sure I smelled horrible - like, the most awful post-drinking smell imaginable.  My whole body was bruised and scraped from the SNS.  We had left the stereo outside and it rained the morning of July 5th, so I think someone set up an umbrella to cover it (not actually bring it inside, because we were too hungover to do that).  I'm pretty sure, as well, that remnants of that slip n' slide stayed in our yard for years (again, too hungover to clean them up initially, and then just never did).

But it was all awesome!  We hosted a great first party at our house!  So happy 4th of July, guys - I hope your weekend involves some form of beer, cake, and water sport - but maybe a little classier than Independence Days of yore.


Sarah said...

Hahaha. I wish I would have been there for that party. I have a very typical St. Louis 4th of July planned. Saturday, bbq at my house, then Cardinals game at 5, then John Legend on the Arch grounds, followed by fireworks under the Arch. Have a wonderful holiday.

LB said...

OMG. I just sat here and laughed out loud reading this whole post. I think my favorite line is, "Wednesday July 5, 2006 was the drunkest I've ever been at work." There were definitely some hilarious remarks between you and cousin regarding the keg stand, but now I can't remember :( Also, our awesome flag cake??? Oh and when it started pouring, I sent Winchell out into the rain to get the stereo. Actually it had been rained on all night. Do you remember though when we plugged it in and IT STILL WORKED? Now that was epic.

Amy said...

I love this! And I've seen those pics - therefore, believe that you were, in fact, as crazy as you say. ;) Happy 4th!!

katie said...

hahaha. we talked about this party a bunch of times this weekend. i can't believe it's been 4 years since then!