Wednesday, July 14, 2010

If You Smoke, I Judge You...

To a certain extent.

I don't judge old people who smoke.  Or Europeans.  Or even high school or college-aged kids.  Or people in grad school other than medical.  Reasons being that: 1) it's hard to break habits that have existed for 50 years; 2) I can't really judge someone for something that's not frowned upon in their culture; 3) peer pressure is tough; and then 4) so is college/grad school.

If people are socially smoking in bars/clubs (since I go to so many), I can give them the pass, too, I think.  (Goodness knows we smoked in enough bars/clubs in college to explain the phenomenon.)

BUT - but - everyone else, I judge.

When I got to work this morning at 8 and two women were getting off the elevator with packs in hands, I judged.  When I see a parent smoking while holding their young child's hand, I judge.  When I see a person leave a restaurant table to step outside for a minute with a pack, I judge him.  When I see someone in their car with the windows up smoking, I judge.  When I see people on the front porch of their house smoking, I judge.  When I walk back to my office after a lunch out, and see 30 people smoking on the outside patio, I judge.  All of them.  When I see a pregnant woman smoking, oh man!  I judge her.

And this is judgement in the worst form.  I'm not judging the act of smoking, I'm straight up judging the person with butt in hand.  Even if I don't know them.  Even if they would have a "reasonable" explanation if asked.

Because smoking is so gross.  Smoking is really, really bad for your health.  Smoking causes an intense addiction - and something about that seems so weak to me, like, how can someone not overcome an addiction that's literally killing them faster than other people?  Smoking seems sort of redneck.  Smoking is so bad for you, that it makes the person doing it appear to have a lower intelligence.

I know three adults (that is, outside my criteria for non-judgement) who smoke.  I can understand why two of them do - I can't understand why the third one does.  But just look at the number for a second - three people - out of, what, a pool of 100?  It's ridiculously low, right?

What do you guys think?  Do you know a lot of smokers?  Do you also cast a judgement when you see people smoking?  Are you casting judgement on me for being a person who casts judgement?

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