Thursday, July 1, 2010

Golden Illusions

Wimbledon is probably my favorite tennis tournament of the year.  I love the grass courts, the white, the British-ness of the whole thing; I love having "breakfast at Wimbledon" at our house (and yes - it obviously includes some element of berries & cream).  I'm always excited around mid-June knowing there will be some great tennis on tv.

So this year especially, I've watched a lot of Wimbledon (as my boss might or might not be in Greece for two weeks, and productivity might or might not be at its lowest of the year).  Anyway - if anyone watched yesterday or tuned into the news, you saw that the King of Tennis lost in the quarterfinals to some random Czech guy.

While I was sad to see Federer out, I have to admit that now, the whole time I watch him play or hear him interviewed, I can't stop the nagging thought that has been bugging me for awhile:

Do you think Roger cheats on his wife?

I know this is silly.  And it certainly doesn't deserve to occupy any brain space in my head, but still, the thought is there constantly. 

When the King of Golf's "transgressions" came out a few months ago, I was dumbfounded.  Were you guys?  I know Jonathan wasn't all that surprised, his theory being that when you're the best golfer in the World, you have thousands of women offering themselves to you constantly.  But I had been totally sucked into the illusion of Tiger - his sort of nerdiness, his pretty blond wife, the adorable kids, the dog.  I didn't let my brain go to the many possibilities fame offers you in terms of infidelity.

And so, as you can imagine, I've also been sucked into the illusion of Roger Federer - his sort of nerdiness, the devoted, but not that attractive wife, the twins.  Naturally I start to wonder if he too could have his golden reputation blemished if a woman happens to come forward.

What do you guys think - does Fed cheat or not?  Do all professional athletes cheat if they're married?

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