Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Filings

1) Where did July go?

2) Humming makes me uncomfortable sometimes.  The woman who cleans our kitchen at work hums all day.  Mostly really loud, soulful-type songs.  I feel very, very uncomfortable when I'm in the kitchen with her, like I'm intruding.

3) Speaking of the kitchen at work, you would think a group of adults would be able to keep the space a little cleaner, ie, not pile dirty dishes so high in the sink that they're above the faucet; clean up coffee when it spills on the counter; keep track of what they have in the refrigerator such that something doesn't go so moldy & smelly that the fridge has to be completely cleaned/sterilized every couple months.

4) We're in the process of planning a little week vacay to Riviera Maya in Mexico (an early anniversary trip, of sorts).  I wish the trip was next week!  Looking at all the beach pictures online is giving me the itch to travel asap.

5) Did any high school people see that a certain person's birthday was yesterday (his nickname might or might not rhyme with "The Froz")?  Did you see some of his responses to people's birthday wishes?  To Fred, for example, "broheezy, thanks for the birthday wishes.  you ought to make your way to kc sometime to kick it with your boy!!"  HA!  Some people don't really change as they grow up, I guess.

6) I am dying for the weekend!  This week at work has been super busy.  Have a good one, guys!


LB said...

Ooooh when are you going to Mehico??

Sarah said...

Hahaha. I am a little behind on reading, but the birthday wishes made me laugh. So typical. Too bad him and I did not end up together. Ha.