Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Filings

Here is a random collection of recent thoughts - probably not deserving of their own post, but might make this one super long.  Fair warning.

1) Have you guys noticed how pretty much all men's body products have a distinct "manly smell?"  And women's on the other hand, are usually just lightly scented - but not "feminine," except purely by contrast to the "manly" ones?  But this sort of sucks, because men could easily use male or female, and it wouldn't matter in terms of smell - while women can't really use men's products or they'd smell like a dude.  The only reason I care is because I'm convinced the best facial moisturizer on the drugstore market is "Nivea for Men Protective Lotion."  The best!  Great texture, oil free, leaves no residue, and has spf 15!  But I can't really wear it or I'll smell like a man.  Lame.

2) I don't know if you guys already know this or not - but when you order contact lenses from an online retailer (Contact Lens King is my favorite), you don't need a prescription.  After I completed my order transaction, an email was sent to me that basically said: "we just sent an email to your eye doctor to verify your prescription, but if we don't hear from him in 24 hours, we'll just trust that you know what your prescription is and send your package."  This would've saved me at least a few times in the past when I was out of contacts and had to go out of my way to get a dr's appointment so I could reorder.

3) Recently at my office, an email was sent from the CEO about our dresscode.  We're "formal business" M-Th and "business casual" on Friday.  And we're one of those old school companies that really does mean "formal" attire.  I wear a suit M-Th; and because I'm dressed so formally, I usually dress way down on Friday: casual dresses, khaki pants & knit shirts, that kind of thing.  But in my department, every other woman (except one) wears the kind of stuff I wear on Friday, everyday of the week.  I'd say in theory for our office code, I would be wearing a suit M-Th, and nice dress pants with a knit shirt on Friday; but because most of the women I work with don't even necessarily do dress pants with a knit shirt most days of the week, I don't want to do that on Friday because it feels like I deserve to wear something casual at least one day of the week if they're all doing it everyday.  Sometimes I feel lame during the week because I'm in my boring suit and I'll see another younger woman from a different department in a super cute (but business casual) outfit.  I saw a girl yesterday in cute wedge heals, a khaki skirt, a pink cardigan with a little lace tank underneath, and a big chunky white belt defining her waist.  So cute!  But not "formal business attire."

4) I don't really need to dwell on this, but being in St. Louis was awesome last weekend and made me wish, to some extent, that we lived there.  It's just such a bigger city than Memphis, there are so many cool things to do.  And so many different, great neighborhoods across the whole St. Louis area.  And it's not so ghetto.  And the weather was glorious - which made me remember how much I love having a very distinct Fall (whereas here it's often hot until November and then it just turns cold one day).  But also, in talking with Sarah, I think it'd be cool to live in the same city you grew up in from a friends perspective.  I guess it's the same in Memphis for Jonathan (that is, he went to MUS and has the camaraderie with any other guy that went there). 

5) And finally, it was so good to see both Sarah and Brad last weekend!  Sare & I (and a table of middle-aged women) closed down Brio on Friday night; and then the three of us and my mom went to the cutest little breakfast place on Sunday morning.  It was a lovely family and friend-filled weekend!

On that note - I hope you guys enjoy this weekend!  Other than a boardgame & pastry-filled night planned for Saturday, we're probably not doing much.  Although, Jonathan has said "I want to see that" every time the Inception commercial comes on tv - so maybe that'll be in the cards?


Amanda said...

Fascinating (and perfect timing about contact lenses). Do you know if they charge you a fee if they contact your eye doctor and don't hear back or hear that your prescription is out of date?

Anonymous said...

The first time I visited St Louis was right after graduation for a wedding. I may or may not have been That Drunk Bridesmaid (leaning more on the "may"), but in any case, I lost my camera in the parking lot of Brio! Have no clue where this place is or why we were there, but it's the only place I can imagine I would have left it.

Claire said...

I'm dying to see Inception! Had plans to go today, but it was sold out almost everywhere (going to the movies in NYC in general can be a very overwhelming experience!). Saw Toy Story 3 instead. A delightful movie! Have you seen it?

Sarah said...

I had a great time seeing you also. So nice to catch up and it's funny because after our chat over wine on Friday, I was thinking how nice it is sometimes to be around someone who has known for a long time that you don't have to explain things too. I told my mom this and she responded, "Of course, who else would have patted your Dad's head?" The Mann's have a special place for you in their heart!