Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

Summer is my least favorite season.  I know, I know - it's strange.  It seems equatable to people who actually enjoy going to the doctor - or people who actually choose to eat at TGI Fridays.  It's totally weird and against the norm.

So I started to wonder, of late, exactly why I hate the season. 

Especially because I like it in theory.  I like summer cook outs.  Bright, summery colors.  Popsicles.  Lightweight clothing.  Sandals.  No school.  Fresh, local produce.  Catching fireflies.  Sunglasses.  Hydrangeas.  White wine.  Long days.  Ice cream.  Beach balls.  Outdoor festivals.  Fireworks.  Farmer's markets.  Lakes.  Beach reads.  Family vacation.  And I like the way Fall looms on the horizon - that there's a certain amount of anticipation with that - as in, we can goof off now, but soon it'll be Fall and we'll need to buckle down.  There's even a shift at my office (since I'm no longer on a student's schedule), where come September 1, it's time to get back to normal functioning, no more laid-back attitudes.

So really, the conclusion I've come to about my dislike of summer is pretty lame, especially given all the wonderful aspects of the season:

1) heat/humidity
2) mosquitoes

I know!  Pathetic.  Not just someone who enjoys going to the doctor, but someone who's favorite part of the visit is the pap smear.  Or someone who goes to TGI Fridays every week because "they have the best margarita in town."  Absolutely absurd.

But seriously, the heat is hot here. It's oppressive.  And the mosquitoes are bad.  Both such that all fun, outdoor summer activities are somewhat hindered.  The heat, just, yuck.  Sticky.  Sweaty.  Gross.  And the mosquitoes.  I mean, I can rarely sit outside and not get at least 3 bites.  When I go outside to wipe down the table and chairs so we can even go out there and sit, I get a couple bites.

One thing I will say is that having a membership to a pool this summer might significantly add to my enjoyment of the season (we didn't have one last year).  You sort of forget when you can't go to a pool, how awesome it is to spend both weekend days laying around.  Because really, when it's this hot, you don't have many other options during the day aside from pool lounging.

I will also say that if we lived in a city with a cooler climate, I think summer would be my favorite season.  Jonathan....?  Chicago, maybe?  Minnesota?  Colorado?


Claire said...

As I'm sure you've seen on the news, the heat up here in NYC has been terrible these past few days. My AC is set on a chilly 68 all night long. Thank god Tim and Marie live across the river, if ever our power goes out and I need to seek refuge in glorious central AC.

b|rad said...

My coworkers have been complaining the last couple days about how HOT it is here. HOT? Excuse me? They moaned last night when we were at a cookout how miserable the heat is and how they cannot stand to be outside. Me? I willingly choose to walk across campus in the middle of the day in dress slacks rather than ride in an air-conditioned car because this weather here is not HOT to me. Quite the opposite. The weather here is like a late September new orleans. At least for now.

It's crazy but after being in Nola/Memphis/Athens, this heat is NOTHING compared to that heat! And knock on wood but to date, no mosquito bites!!