Friday, July 23, 2010

Ciao Cola

About two months ago, I unofficially gave up soda; or more accurately, about two months ago, I unofficially gave up Diet Coke and Diet Dr. Pepper (since those were the only two sodas I ever drank).

I say "unofficially" because it didn't feel like a big, grand gesture.  I didn't need to tell anyone (I'm not sure I even told Jonathan) as I would have if it was a more important life change, ie, "I'm not eating carbs anymore" or "I'm going to start eating meat again."  It was just this little thing I wanted to try to do.  (I should say, too, that it was prompted by reading an article in a health magazine about how Diet Coke has a weird chemical reaction in your body that turns it into a formaldehyde-type substance for a few hours.)

So I just up and stopped drinking them one day.  And actually, I don't really think I've had one since (minus a sip here & there if Jonathan is drinking one).  And it's fine, as you'd expect.  I've not really noticed any bodily change - but I keep telling myself that the change is on the inside, and that's what matters.

My main times of drinking soda were either 1) right after work, as a little pick-me-up so I could stay awake past 10, 2) in line at places like the grocery store/Target/etc. where there's a case of cold drinks, and 3) at lunch-type restaurants that have a soda fountain.  The only place I'm really missing having a non-water drink is the after-work slot (although I've been able to stay up past 10 just fine, so caffeine isn't really a factor anymore). 

Do you guys have any thoughts on a delicious, no/low-calorie, non-chemical drink?  I sometimes do the Crystal Light single serve packets.  They're fine.  And I imagine when the weather is cooler I could always do an after-work coffee.  But is there anything else I'm not thinking of?

Happy Weekend!


Jonathan said...

The champagne of the South - Sweet Tea. You could even make some sun tea in the backyard.

katie said...

iced tea!! YUM!

Claire said...

Right, iced tea. Or seltzer with some lemon/lime or muddled raspberries?

LB said...

No more DC! That's a major milestone. I'm a crackwhore for Crystal Light, keep that one up.