Thursday, June 24, 2010

Weekend O' Midtown

I guess I should've written about our past weekend sooner than Thursday before a new weekend, right?

Well, um, oops!  Anyway - last weekend was designated as a "Midtown Weekend."  "Midtown" is the area of Memphis we live.  While pretty large in size, as a whole, it's an eclectic part of the city - lots of cool old houses, interesting people, great restaurants, concert venues - it's the part of Memphis that doesn't give off too much of the snobby "Old Memphis" vibe.

So Friday night we went with another couple and their 2 kids (aged 2 & 5) to the Levitt Shell.  It had rained after work, which thankfully cooled things way down (since Memphis has been in an awful "heat advisory" all week).  We had a great time hanging out - and were glad we could go somewhere that was kid friendly and didn't require a babysitter.  (Although, insert another one of those moments where I sort of questioned how ready I am to have kids - it was fine, and the place really is full of kids - but when you actually have to keep track of two who are running around crazy, it was a little less on the quaint side and more like borderline panic-inducing.)

Saturday morning we got up and went to the farmer's market, which is finally starting to have all the awesome summer vegetables we've been waiting for.  We followed that with lunch at a lovely new-ish place Au Fond.  Then out of necessity after lunch, spent some time working out at the Rhodes gym.

On Saturday night, we had a bit of an adventure with Anna & Kevin: we went to the roller derby.  Jonathan & I have been wanting to go for awhile, so we were super excited when Anna suggested it.  It lived up to most of my expectations, although I have to say, I expected the whole thing to get a bit more rowdy.  I was expecting fights between the derby girls and super loud/crazy spectators - but it was a little more calm than that.  The girls have strict rules about where they can/can't touch other skaters, so there was no chance of a fight, really.  And the spectators were sort of like us - just interested in what was going on, but not jumping around like banshees; there were actually quite a few families there.  It was still really fun, though, and I'd definitely be interested in attending another "bout."  (We followed derby with a delicious dinner at Bhan Thai - mmm.)

Sunday was Fathers' Day, so after church we took Jonathan's parents for a sloooooooow brunch at Umai.  So delish (and again, a workout was necessitated afterwards).

We're sort of proud to say, though, that we stayed on the Midtown side of Highland the whole weekend (except for the teeny, tiny moment when I had to go to the nice grocery store in East Memphis to get lobster for my mother in law's birthday dinner tomorrow - but our store doesn't have it!  I had no choice!).  Go Midtown!

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