Thursday, June 10, 2010

Week O' Music

Jonathan and I have had a pretty concert-heavy week, which has been fun & out of the ordinary. Not fun: getting home at 1am Wednesday morning; and leaving the house at 7:30 to face what would probably be the busiest/most stressful work day of the year.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Friday night we went to the Levitt Shell to see Hayes Carll. The concert wasn't memorable (dare I say, even sort of bad?), but you don't necessarily go to the Shell for the specific concert. This is a newly renovated feature of Overton Park in Memphis (a park in the residential part of the city - right by our house); all concerts are totally free and open to the public. It's basically an outdoor amphitheatre with a big grassy hill for people to sit. Most people bring picnic baskets/wine/beer/their children and it's this awesome, totally family-friendly night of live music (see pic for a better idea). It's so so cool and I love to go!

Saturday night we accompanied some friends who had extra tickets to see John Prine. It was overall a really fun night. We went to dinner at yummy Umai before the concert, and then headed down to the Cannon Center. John Prine put on a good show - even though his cancer from a few years ago has definitely taken a toll on him. It was great, though, to hang out with our friends who have two little kids - since it's often hard to find a time to see them.

And then Tuesday night, we saw Surfer Blood and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart at the Hi-Tone. I guess TPOBPAT got a lot of coverage last year as a great up & coming band, and Surfer Blood has had the same accolades this year. The show was really good. Very surprisingly for the Hi-Tone, it actually started on time(ish), it just happened to be that "on time" meant the opening band came on at 10:30. And somewhat unfortunately, there was a situation with the air conditioning (if they even have it?) that made the place sticky hot. But I digress.

So fast forward to a little before 1am, a strong buzz has been caught, and we had to leave the show early because of my busy work day. Waah waaaaaaaah. Lame on multiple accounts (especially waking up on Wednesday & hitting the ground running once I arrived at work).

But this has been such a fun week! I love live music! I wish Memphis would get more cool bands (and when it does actually get the shows, I wish they would be on nights other than the middle of the week).


plasticman said...
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LB said...

Aw that's so fun! Good for y'all for getting out and about. You'll have plenty of time to be homebodies when you have kids :)