Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tube on the Job

One sort of funny, unexpected aspect of my office atmosphere is that we all have tvs in our offices. The idea is that we can have news running in the background and thus be 100% up to date with what's going on.

There's a little bit of hierarchy to the actual disbursement of tvs, too - like, there's only a set amount of tvs in the department, so the new guy doesn't move into an office on day one and get one. (And additionally, since it's sort of a weird thing, I wouldn't think the new guy would want to watch it on day one - it would feel like slacking on your new job, I think.)

When the time finally came around that I got my first tv, I was really excited. I figured that any moment I'd been bored in the past would be eliminated moving forward because I could just watch tv to thwart boredom. Only, it didn't really happen. And in fact, even though it's super cool to have background noise, I don't even turn mine on all that much anymore.

Part of the problem was that the first tv I had was awful & had really bad sound (it's since been replaced - again, the hierarchy thing). But because the sound was so wonky, I didn't want to turn it on that often because people could hear it from the hallway. And now, I have a nice tv with good sound, but the door to my new office is literally 6 inches away from the door to another office and 2 feet away from someone's cubicle - it just seems too close to have the tv blaring loud. (Which, I should say, the guy 6 inches away has no problem turning his on loud - just saying - but still.)

When I do turn it on, though - I definitely prefer the "soft news" from 8am-11am (the Today Show), followed by the almost-newsworthy Rachel Ray talkshow. WHAT? There are no rules to what we can/can't watch! It's sort of funny though, if I happen to watch all soft news, and then keep it on for the local news at noon, if I forget to turn it off after that, it goes into soap operas. So, if I've gone to lunch or something, and someone happens to walk into my office while I'm gone, they'll think I'm watching soaps.

But it is a cool thing, I guess. And had I not watched soft news this morning, I would have no idea that if you have a white-colored pet who goes outside, you should be putting kids sunscreen on him! Who knew? And had I not watched this morning, I would have no idea how Bobbi Brown does smoky eyes, or how concerned we should all be with the amount of germs on our purses. This is real news, people.

Do you guys think you would enjoy having a tv in your office? Or do you think it'd be a distraction?


Jonathan said...

I just want a tv for major disasters (911 and/or shuttle), weather disasters and the basketball tournament. I don't know where we would watch tv if we had to in an emergency.

Amy said...

although i don't know how many more distractions I can handle (blogs, FB, g-chat, etc.) I think i'm jealous. i love watching "soft news" as you call it and definitely never do these days. i bet you've adjusted to having a TV and don't even find it that distracting anymore, huh? I used to think i needed total quiet to get work done, but i work in an office where we all sit in very open spaces, therefore quiet doesn't exist. it's impossible not to hear other people's phone calls, convos with co-workers, etc. seems like this would be similar in that you just adjust b/c it's your reality!

Sarah said...

I'm with Jonathan.... disasters, and sports are why I would want a tv in my cube. I would love to have a tv for March Madness, World Cup, and day Cardinals games.

b|rad said...

What if your office is your apartment? Riddle me that!