Friday, June 18, 2010


Oh my gosh - I just have to say, if you're in need of a good laugh, you need to turn on a soap opera and watch for a few minutes. I've found myself sort of drawn to Days of our Lives when it comes on after the news at 1. Not to pay attention to the storylines, but to just observe the whole thing and laugh!

1) Everyone is attractive - like, even the girls who are supposed to be "ugly" are really pretty.

2) The sets are hysterical! They just are - you have to see it. Nothing looks real. No room has a fourth wall, and all camera shots are taken from where the fourth wall would be. And all scenes that take place "outside" are priceless - like, I think I could use a video camera in my living room with the window shades open and achieve an equally good "outside" as the show.

3) The acting - again, priceless. And just so funny - like the way the show has so many little snippets here and there, there will be a monologue:

Bad Actor 1: "I know what you did! You tried to steal my boyfriend!
Bad Actor 2: "You don't know what you're talking about, you don't know anything."
BA 1: "I know what Stefano told me."

And then there are 5-10 seconds of the camera panning between the two actors, each looking surly, before it cuts to another scene. Seriously, I imagine if you timed the amount of silence & the camera looking at each actor before it cuts to another scene, I bet it would equal about 15-20 minutes of the show's time.

4) The writing. If you just listen to the dialogue, every single word has been chosen with precision to give the most wow-factor to the scene, I think. Or maybe not to add to the wow-factor as much as to make every scene as dramatic as possible.

5) If you've ever watched soaps before (I think I watched Days in the summer of 1996), all the characters are still the same! And when people were babies (like, toddlers) in 1996, they're now full-grown adults.

It's just so funny. When I was a kid and spent my summers in Ohio, my stepmom and I watched Young and the Restless (this would have been circa 1993-1995). And honestly, if I think hard back to that time, that theme song (the piano chords) reminds me of a ham & american cheese sandwich with mayonnaise on toasted white bread. Y&L came on at 11:30, so we'd make our lunches, watch it, and then go on with our afternoon.

Those were the easy days - so far gone now - like sands through the hourglass....

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LB said...

J Black's is named after Days of our Lives! Ha. There's a Stefano pizza too :)