Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mold Schmold...?

Lovely Picture, right?

Well, the other day after work, Jonathan and I were going to split a snack: a chocolate Vitatop muffin. Even though I knew these guys needed to be kept in the freezer, I foolishly set it on the counter for a few days. When we opened it, there were a couple spots of mold. A couple.

So I picked those parts off and ate it. Jonathan was horrified/disgusted - how could I possibly eat something that was moldy? I'd get sick! When I informed him that I've sometimes served him bread products that had mold I'd picked off, he left the room very displeased (and asked me later to never serve him something that had once had mold on it, even if I had picked it off).

Fair enough - I won't serve my husband slightly moldy bread. But myself? I have to say, I'll probably continue to do it. 1) I've done this for awhile now - and I mean, I'm not talking like the whole thing is covered in mold (gross), I'm just saying that if there's one spot of mold, you can safely pick it off (and the surrounding areas) and be fine; 2) this self-imposed rule generally just applies to bread-like products (coughandmaybecheesecough) - not stuff like meat (I mean, I don't eat meat - but if I did and it was moldy, I wouldn't eat it) or fish; 3) and this might throw some people for a loop, but - it's never made me sick before, so why stop doing it?

Sarah and I were discussing one of her roommates once. She said the girl was a freak about expired food/food that had fallen on the ground/moldy food, etc. She wouldn't even go near it. If a food was one of those things, it was garbage as far as she was concerned. And Sarah, on the other hand, has a view similar to my own.

So what's the funny thing? Sarah said her roommate was constantly sick. All the time - colds, flus, stomach bugs, you name it. And Sarah: rarely sick. I hate to correlate the two - but I also have to say, Jonathan gets sick somewhat often. And me? Hardly ever. I don't think I've had a cold/flu in years.

I'm no doctor or scientist - but could there be an immunity connection to exposing oneself to germs vs. avoiding them at all costs? Don't know.

What about you guys? Jonathan's school of thought or mine?


Sarah said...

Hahaha. I just had this conversation the other day with one of my colleagues. She is a self proclaimed "germohphobic" and I told her I wasn't sure if I "believed in germs" the way she did. Still very much on your side, I actually laughed out loud when I read about how displeased Jonathan was when you serve him bread that mold had been picked off.

b|rad said...

I've heard on said "soft news" that children today are more likely to get sick versus our generation because our parents weren't afraid to keep us germ free 24/7. So our bodies built up a stronger immune system to germs versus kids who are never exposed to them.

Now as for this mold business, I don't do mold. But I have picked mold off bread before. Cheese is a different story because for me, once cheese gets moldy, it SMELLS (especially Shredded Cheese packets). And I can't stand the smell. So I throw it out more for the stank than the mold.


katie said...

DEF ON YOUR SIDE. like sarah, i laughed out loud about the part about jonathan being displeased when you told him you had served him previously molded bread. i then read that part out loud to brian, who also laughed out loud. but seriously, you and brad are right. kids these days get sick and have weird allergies way more than we did, and one school of thought is the germ-freak approach. we played in dirt, and supposedly kids nowadays aren't really allowed near it.

Claire said...

oh, i DEF eat food (bread, cheese (blocks of cheese, avoid that sliced "american")) with moldy parts. and i, too, never get sick. my roommate, like sarah's, is a freak about expiration dates, and ends up wasting a ton of food she thinks has gone bad. and she also gets sick all of the time! always coming down with something, that one. but honestly, i think part of the reason i never get sick is because i wash my hands 80 times a day, at least. if i feel i have any sort of "residue" on my hands, they get washed! my roommate has looser standards, for sure.

LB said...

Is now a good time to say that I had milk on June 6th that expired May 30th?

You know where I stand.

Anna said...

I have to say I'm on Jonathan's side. It's the idea of mold that freaks me out, not necessarily if it'll be bad for me. And I think I read somewhere that once one part of bread/cheese is moldy, then other parts are, too. They just don't show it yet.

But I do eat produce that's starting to go bad. Just cut off the offending/overripe part and go about my business.

Jonathan said...

Plants/food are not supposed to have fur. I don't eat mushrooms becuase the idea of eating fungi is gross. Only blueberries and a select few other foods are supposed to be blue. All milk smells spoiled to me so I trust the date or look for separation of curds and whey. Cheese - i'll just cut the bad part off. Since I've recently learned that Jackie has been slipping me mold (which I object to on ethical grounds)I'll have to start slipping a little ham into her cheerios.