Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Want...

(In no particular order)

1) The stupid oil leak to be stopped! It pains me to read the news about it. What an awful disaster that's going to affect the region for at least a decade.

2) To know if I used "affect" correctly in #1 - or is it "effect?"

3) To eat jalapenos on everything! I can't get enough right now.

4) A really happy marriage.

5) My cat to be healthy.

6) A Trader Joe's near my house so I can buy this product - the most delicious almond butter with roasted flaxseed you can possibly imagine. Go buy this now if you have one near your house!

7) My hair to be longer. Not too long (because it's too thin to look pretty once it's below my shoulders), but long enough for a ponytail. I. Want. A. Ponytail. Badly. I want to wake up, throw on a little makeup, put my hair in a ponytail & look appropriate for the day. Not: wake up, put on a little makeup, use my round brush to add volume to the roots of my hair after sleeping, use the round brush to curl under the ends, wet the bangs and re-blowdry them, then use a straightener on the whole head to tame ends. Too much time!

8) My body to be cool and 100% functioning with one less hour of sleep per night.

6) At&T to not friggin screw iPhone users with the new data plans.

7) Men at the pool outside my office window to not wear white speedos.

8) A better zoom feature on my camera phone for moments like #7.

What about you guys - what do you want?


b|rad said...

1) a summer tan

2) a jacked body

3) a boyfriend

4) a finalized job offer

5) more money in my bank account

6) a kindle

7) a vacation to australia

8) a bike I can ride on the weekends

Is it sad that (9) an end to the oil spill came up as an afterthought?

Yep, I'm materialistic and all about me...tragedy.

Sarah said...

"Affect vs. Effect" is a common grammatical problem in accounting. This is how I learned to remember the difference. Affect means "to influence" and is usually used as a verb, where effect is a noun and often means "a result". So I think you used the word appropriately and would have used effect if your sentence was "The effects on the region will last at least a decade."

As for my wants I will save them for another day. However, you just made me appreciate my long and low maintenance when I want it to be hair, and the Trader Joes near my house. So thanks!

Claire said...

Off the top of my head, I want:

A great job. Looking.

A wonderful boyfriend. Looking (sort of).

My AC. Now. It must be at least 10 degrees warmer in my apartment compared to the outside.

Thinner arms.

Claire said...

Oh, I want (NEED, ha) a new pair of black "everyday" sandals. My current pair (love them dearly) are falling apart.