Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Day!

Happy 100th Entry On My Blog!

Even though it's sort of lame, I feel really happy to have reached this first little milestone. The original goal was to get myself back into daily (5-day a week, that is) writing.

At first it was tough to think of stuff to write about. Now I feel so much more comfortable with creating topics. I also feel much more comfortable in where I've set my personal writing boundaries. Are there some things I'm just dying to write about, but don't feel they're blog-appropo? YES! But does it annoy me anymore that I can't/shouldn't write about them? No.

It's funny, because when I first started the blog, I would meticulously edit & re-read what I was publishing; I would set stuff to publish later so I could go back and read it again after stepping away for a second; but most strangely, I was sooooo self conscious of my writing! I couldn't go back and read old posts because I felt embarrassed by them! And this I guess is what I'm most proud of now; this was the real purpose of starting it: to not only write every day, but to feel comfortable with my writing.

So hopefully the next 100 posts will only get better! I think my new goals for the blog might be: to tell more people about it; and to figure out some more formatting stuff - maybe spruce it up a little!

*As a side note about the 100 picture at the top: 1) What in the world is that?? It appears to be in trees - it looks like a balloon? Is that a man at the bottom? And 2) Don't google image search "100th birthday cake" without expecting to see some heartbreaking/heartwarming pictures of people turning 100. Just saying.


Jonathan said...

Congrats! Maybe you could blog post about Smoller Smerby.

Claire said...

Ha, it looks like a hot air balloon. Congrats, Jackie, on the milestone! I've gotten into the habit of checking your blog almost everyday, so keep writing! It's great to hear what you're up to. And do please feel free to delve into juicier topics. :) I'm all ears. Btw, here's a blog I love: apronanxiety.com. She's all about the overshare. I like her angle - snappy NY media girl meets young celebrity chef (Spike from Top Chef), moves to DC with him, and is suddenly thrust into the crazy world of restaurants and food! Haha. It's great.

LB said...

Yay for hitting 100! I'm so happy you blog!