Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Decoration Station

I'm sort of feeling the itch, of late, to do some redecorating in our house. I sort of doubt this will happen (for a variety of reasons, mainly: lack of funding), but it's still fun to envision.

One thing I'm pretty sure we can do (again, in terms of funds) is get new shades for our main "family room" (or "den" for southerners). We currently have the most atrocious ugly dated cheap plastic shades left from the previous owner (actually - Jonathan, is that right? Please tell me you didn't buy those for the house when you moved in!?). I think the room would look really cool with some of those shades that are bamboo-looking - the kind that sort of roll up. And we would get them to fit each window (instead of having one big one over the whole back window). Light brown would look nice against the white moldings, I think.

But there are so many other things I'd like to do that I know we just can't right now (or ever, for some).

1) Get new couches for the family room.
I'd say we need new couches - but that's using "need" somewhat loosely (as in, we have couches now that are decent). The sort of hard part about committing to new couches is thinking about the old couches. We certainly wouldn't have room to store them in our house elsewhere. But if we move to a bigger house at some point in the next couple years, what if we have a playroom or a finished attic/basement - it would probably be nice to put these old couches up there. Also, if/when we move to a bigger house, who knows what we'll "need" in terms of our new family room.

2) Remodel the kitchen.
Ha - this won't happen ever. But I have this great vision for our little house that would make it so so cool! It involves tearing down walls & moving appliances & new counters/cabinets. I think it would make the house a lot more livable for a family who wanted it to be their "forever house." We just think our "forever house" will be a bit bigger than where we are now.

3) Do some painting.
I guess this isn't really inhibited by lack of funds, but maybe more by lack of inspiration. In theory, I think it'd be cool to have an "accent wall" in our family room - but again, I don't have a ton of inspiration because of the whole couch issue. And sort of strangely, I really like white walls; I think they look clean & give the rooms the illusion of space. I guess I'd maybe like to lighten up the office (which is a manly, hunter green) because I think the room would look huge if it were painted lighter, but I think that green is going to be a monster of priming & painting to cover up.

4) Do the dining room. Sort of.
So currently in our dining room we have a baby grand piano, a book shelf, and all the nice serving pieces/platters/pottery/vases/pitchers we got for our wedding sitting on the floor & on the book shelf. My grandmother's dining room set is in St. Louis & we are welcome to bring it down to Memphis whenever we want. It won't be a problem, really, to do that - but the issue is then one of space. We have a ton of furniture in our formal living room (which is an open space into the dining room). If there was a table & buffet in the dining room, the piano would need to be in the living room. Then some piece(s) of furniture in there now would need to go to storage - as they're all really nice pieces of furniture. It sounds like a little bit of a logistical nightmare. But on the other hand, if we plan to be in the house a few more years, it doesn't seem ok to just leave that room in limbo. And there's a really ugly chandelier in there - I want a new one.

5) Get a new tv for the family room.
Our current tv is enormous (both the screen & the unit itself). It probably takes up a 5'x4' space. It would be really nice to have one mounted on the wall. The room would feel a lot bigger. But then there would also be the issue of all the tv accoutrements (wii, blu ray player, cable box, speakers) and we'd probably need to get some kind of chest-type thing to store them in.

Whatever. It seems like I can't really do any of these things. But sometimes I look at design blogs and get hungry to redecorate my own house. In due time...

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Sarah said...

I love thinking about home decorating too. Here are my thoughts.

1) I agree that it's a mistake to get couches that "fit" this space if you are planning on moving within a few years. It could be limiting if you are trying to find a family room to "fit" your couches in your next place. I would also suggest "kid friendly" if you got new couches bc you'd obviously want to have them for awhile.

2) So expensive for a house you don't want to stay in, but fun to think about. Maybe there are some things you could do, that would actually help sell the house when the time came though. I've heard that newer appliances usually pay for themselves when the house sells.

3) Painting is a great way to make an inexpensive change. I vote for the office here. A new color would probably help sell the house at some point anyway. Painting over the green wouldn't be THAT horrible.

4) Start with the chandelier, seems like another piece that would help you when you move if it was updated. I also think you should look into making the furniture moves you discussed in order to "do" your dining room. Maybe the extra furniture from the living room could be somehow reorganized in your spare bedroom? I wish I could come visit to look at this space and come up with ideas with you.

5) When I was shopping for condos everyone that was selling a place with a TV in the wall mount was selling the house with the TV. I have heard that the wall mounts completely tear up the wall and therefore, don't make it worth taking the tv along. So probably not a great option if you plan on moving.

Well that was fun. Haha.