Thursday, June 3, 2010

Clothes of the Times

I've been trying to remember, of late, what kind of clothing I used to wear in high school. And, I've actually not gone to any great length to obtain this info, since some old pictures would solve the mystery. But without the aid of photos, it's sort of hard to think back to a minute detail like that from a decade ago.

I remember a pair of khaki pants (actually, 2 of the same pair) from Abercrombie that I wore pretty consistently. And I know I used to wear them with tshirts (like, the kind from school events/clubs) a lot. I also can think of a few plain-colored tshirts (just cotton ones from, say, The Gap) that I used to wear a lot. And Polo shirts - I had quite a few of those (which, hello boxy, no shape clothing - good choice). And I had a Polo dress (black & sleeveless). In winter, I think I had a few tweed jumpers (which I'd love to have now - I think they were pretty cute, if I recall correctly), and in summer, I had a few awful plaid, shapeless, sleeveless dresses. And some twin sets. And quite a few pairs of capri pants (blaaaaah).

But I don't really remember what we used to wear. Like, did we wear tshirts & jeans/khakis to school everyday? Did we wear dresses to school? I vaguely feel like I used to dress up a bit for school (as in, I had some nice black pants I wore a lot - and dresses - and skirts), but seriously, the only outfit that distinctly stand out in my mind was one of my favorites: the aforementioned khaki pants, running shoes, my long-sleeved, navy blue STUCO tshirt (with lime green writing), with a shortsleeved "Lancers Helping Society" lime green tshirt underneath. Oh yeah. Color coordination, man!

And something I distinctly remember about dressing during this time was: arriving at college, on day one, planning to go out that night with all my new quadmates, and realizing I had nothing to wear out. Like, I owned zero "going out clothes." (I actually distinctly remember going to JCrew after that first night & buying a black cotton halter top, and a grey & white striped knit halter top - ha!)

So two questions:
1) For high school friends specifically - did you guys own any "going out clothes?" Like, what was our night-wear in high school? I remember, especially my junior year, going to lots of parties - what would we have worn to one of those?
2) For all other friends - did you guys own stuff to go out in when you first arrived at college? And if so, how did you have it? Like, did it function in high school as something you would wear out on the weekends? What was the dresscode like at your high schools?

Man - the more I think about it, the more stuff I can remember wearing when I was younger - and I think I might like to have some of it now! Not that it would necessarily fit...but how cool would it be now to go "shopping" in your closet from 10+ years ago!

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LB said...

KT may agree with this, but since we had uniforms, I was SOL when it came to going out clothes. I had a major closet overhaul after arriving to Rhodes! It was pretty terrifying actually, realizing that I had 1/4 of the cool clothes that other people had.