Monday, June 14, 2010

Beating the Clock: My Hair Edition

On Sunday mornings, we have this sort of dance at our house, and it's called, in layman's terms: are we going to get to church on time?

I'm generally the one who missteps, thus throwing the whole thing out of motion (ie, we end up taking two cars, I race around the house alone trying to get ready, I arrive at the last second, etc.). And it's not that I don't try to be on time, I just get held up a lot. And additionally, we often have to take two cars (because Jonathan will have to usher/have a diaconate meeting/have a recreation committee meeting), so taking two on mornings when I'm running late isn't that weird for us.

I've been trying to be better about it, though.

So yesterday morning we were on the couch drinking coffee before "getting ready time." I was quite aware of the number on the clock. And I assessed my shower situation (which was: I had showered around 2pm on Saturday, stayed home/inside for the whole day, and only left the house at night for an hour or so) - I therefore made the call that I didn't need to shower before church.

I went into the bathroom around 10:20. I put on my full face of makeup, but then when I went to start fluffing around my hair, I realized it was waaaay too greasy to be salvageable (which, can we just stop for a second to say how annoying that is??) Anyway, with my makeup totally done, I had to completely wash my hair in the sink & blowdry & style. Dance failed - two cars.

So I was at Target later in the afternoon and decided to buy some of the dry shampoo every one's been talking about. That would have totally helped with my morning sitch before church. They didn't have Pssst, which I guess is the most popular one, so I went with "SG - Salon Grafix."

I actually used it this morning (ie, I haven't washed my hair since yesterday's impromptu sink run - I did rinse in the shower last night though, no, seriously). But I'm not sure how I feel about the "shampoo." I might need to watch a YouTube video on how to properly apply it, and/or I might need to fully assess how greasy my hair is before I spray, so I can really tell with the final product (because now, I still think it looks a little greasy, but it could've been much worse before and I just don't remember).

One thing I do know, though, is that I need to avoid all open flames today because I'm sure my head is highly flammable at the moment. Does anyone else feel underwhelmed with dry shampoo (because I know some of you love it)?


Sarah said...

I know Ali loves dry shampoo. I use it semi- regularly and prefer how my day old hair looks with it than without it, but I would agree it is somewhat underwhelming.

LB said...

Maybe you didn't use enough. I usually use a lot and then brush it through (so my hair's not white) and it seems to work. The other thing is, I think dry shampoos are really great for salvaging hair into a ponytail, but not as great for just having your hair down (b/c there are so many places that hair can look greasy it's really hard to cover them all).

b|rad said...

LB would know. She's taken a hiatus from bathing apparently due to being unemployed and/or married. I'd trust her.

I'm not kidding...ask her.

LB said...

I'm just getting ready for the honeymoon, oKAY???

And, if you wondered, PSST is mandatory for the camper van :)