Friday, June 11, 2010

Against the Grain....

What's the deal with chocolate cake?

Ha - I know this is totally opposed to the general majority of people: but...I don't like chocolate cake.

Seriously, though, what's the draw to it? I love chocolate (all kinds) and I love cake. I even love chocolate icing. But chocolate cake, not so much.

It never, truly tastes chocolaty to me. In fact, I think all chocolate cakes taste alike - they all have the slightest hint of chocolate that sort of comes out tasting bitter. And the texture - again, I hate to generalize, but I think they all feel dry when they're in your mouth; even really moist chocolate cakes - there's something about that bitterness that makes them feel chalky.

I've even had chocolate cupcakes, which you'd think would solve the dryness issue. But no. Still dry, still bitter. And I should say, I love brownies. Yum. One of my favorite treats. And brownies & chocolate cake seem pretty darn similar. But still, never found a cake I like.

And I guess I'm not entirely complaining about it, because I think in actuality, my aversion has saved me thousands of calories over the course of my life. And it's not like I'm disgusted by the cake. If a gun were to my head, I'd absolutely eat (which, if the case were pickles, I'm not so sure I could find the will); I just don't choose to willingly eat it.

Also, though, I don't get why someone would choose chocolate cake over some other awesome flavor of cake. Mmm - lemon cake? Coconut cake? Caramel cake? Spice cake? Banana nut cake? Carrot cake? Raspberry buckle cake? Strawberry cake? They are all so good! Isn't chocolate in cake form just a little old? I mean, you can have chocolate a million different ways - but when else can you have, say, carrot cake?

Do you guys have the *best* recipe for chocolate cake that will change my mind? Or have you had one from a restaurant that would make me a believer?

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